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Since the Covid outbreak, students have shifted from traditional classrooms to virtual platforms. Unfortunately, this transition hasn’t been gentle to anyone – students or teachers. The adjustment wasn’t easy and, for some, it still isn’t over. However, we can’t put a pause on education. So far, many programs, online tools, and platforms have been tested. Students have learned what methods work best for them when it comes to online classes. Of course, some strategies and methods are individual. However, we’ve gathered a few dos and don’ts of distance learning that are universal. Here’s what they are.

Dos of distance learning

If you want your distance learning to be successful and make your online education a pleasant experience, you’ll have to practice the following tips:

Test the tech before every class

One of the biggest problems of distance learning is glitches in the equipment. Therefore, before each class, you need to do some test runs of your tech to ensure everything’s working correctly. Check if your camera is solid and if the microphone and audio are working perfectly. Additionally, plug in everything and charge your laptop beforehand. Unfortunately, you can miss some crucial parts of your lecture if some of these things aren’t in working order.

Show up on time

Even though this is not regular face-to-face learning, you can’t be late to class. Attendance is still of the utmost importance. Therefore, you’ll need to sign in to whichever online platform your teachers use. Ensure that your computer is fully charged and that you are prepared to come on-screen on time. Being late is unacceptable, especially when commuting from your bed to your sofa or work desk!

Set up classroom space in your home

If you want to engage in your online classes fully, you’ll have to create a distraction-free zone at your home. This can be a desk in your room or any quiet corner in your house or apartment. The bottom line is you need to make sure you’re not interrupted during your classes. Additionally, it’s good to create a neutral background for the classes where you need your camera. Of course, make sure there isn’t any dirty laundry lying around on the floor.

Furthermore, creating a spot just for distance learning will help you focus better. Having different zones for relaxing and studying is essential for being a successful student. So, if you need to make some room in your home for an impromptu classroom, we suggest renting a short-term storage unit. There are many reasons to rent one. Storing some of your belongings to create a tranquil and motivating space for distance learning is undoubtedly one of the most significant benefits.

Skim through your syllabus before class

Although it may seem foolish, read the syllabus in advance. Make sure you’ve completed the required reading or are prepared to participate in activities during the class. Keep in mind that the syllabus is still your blueprint to passing and succeeding in the courses you’re taking, so review it ahead of time.

Be respectful of others

One of the most important dos of online learning is being respectful of other students and teachers. You can do that by being quiet while someone else is talking. Discussions can get heated and incomprehensible even in person, so you need to make sure not to talk over other people in the class. Give them time and respect their opinion. Additionally, don’t talk too fast and make sure others can hear you and that you can hear them.

Don’ts of distance learning

When it comes to the don’ts of distance learning, most of us had to learn them the hard way. So, if you’re still learning, here are some of the don’ts you must avoid.

Don’t blame it on a bad connection and tech

Blaming your dog for eating your homework is the oldest trick in the book. Well, the equivalent of that excuse in the online learning era is blaming your bad connection or tech. As we mentioned in the dos section of the article, you need to make sure everything is working correctly on your end. Of course, a bad connection can happen. However, if it happens every time you have a class, it’s time to change your Internet provider.

Ignore the Internet during the class

Since every class you have is online, it’s very easy to get distracted and end up on the other side of the Internet. You can find yourself scrolling down your social media, browsing cheap plane tickets, or even shopping. If you want to pass the midterms and finals, you’ll have to focus solely on the ongoing class. Sometimes it’s hard to do so if the lecture is boring, but it’s for the greater good.

Don’t be afraid to participate

Just because you’re not in an actual classroom doesn’t mean you don’t have to participate in class. Whether you like it or not, this still counts as being in school. Therefore, your teachers expect some type of activity from you. This can be anything from doing an exercise or giving your opinion on the topic. Whatever it is, make sure to participate and don’t be a wallflower. After all, studies show it’s less stressful to speak up over a microphone than in person.

Never think you’re alone in this

At times, distance learning may feel incredibly isolating and lonely. So, collaborate with classmates to change your mood. Make an appointment for a face-to-face meeting and study session. In addition, your teacher may assign group projects, which will strengthen your bond with your classmates. Just don’t assume you’re on your own. In reality, you’re not alone; there’s a whole class of students in the same situation as you. You can always connect with them via group chats, forums, and social media.

Final thoughts

Online education has come a long way. Now that some time has passed and we’ve got the hang of it, there are some things we can do to make this experience pleasant. That’s why we gathered a few dos and don’ts of distance learning and made a list that can help you ace your online school or college. Therefore, read up on this guide and remember all the valuable tips we gave you. Good luck!

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