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Welcome to the world of eta!

For every student, the primary objective is to graduate and to receive your accredited and industry recognised qualification, right? Here at eta, we see things a little differently. Yes, graduating is crucial but there are so many other vital skills we need to equip you with.

You see, our team of tutors is focused on creating industry-ready practitioners, not just graduates, and we believe there is a real difference.

Our 39 year reputation in this industry is based on our ability to produce graduates who are not only knowledgeable but also skillful and able to practice these skills confidently and competently while adapting to a rapidly changing exercise environment.

To achieve this, your tutors need to understand your home environment and the access that you may or may not have, to sport and fitness structures in your community. Remember that your qualification is both academic and practical which means that you must practice the skills you are learning constantly while studying.

Apart from improving your own ability, this is also an opportunity to contribute to community using your sport management, personal training, fitness conditioning and coaching skills developed during your years of study with us. Remember that all professionals have an obligation to contribute to people and organisations in troubled communities. We have entered an era where the investment in social cohesion is rising rapidly, and we need to understand the importance of healthy communities to ease the burden on our health systems.

In order for our tutors to understand your sport and exercise environment your tutors will engage with you regularly on how best to combine your academic studies with practical activity. To help you prepare for this engagement, here is a summary of the type of information you as a new student need to start considering:

  1. Do you exercise at home and if so, what basic equipment do you have?
  2. Do you have a gym membership, and do you participate in group sessions?
  3. Do you play sport regularly and are you a member of a sports club?
  4. If so, which sport do you play and how competitively?
  5. Is there sport and fitness activity you can see within your community?
  6. Give a summary of what activities you see happening in your community?
  7. Is there a school near where you live, and does it have sport facilities?
  8. List any other opportunities you see around you where you are currently involved in sport or exercise, or could get involved?
  9. Is there a field of sport or exercise that you are passionate about and want to specialise in?
  10. Is there an organisation in our industry you admire and would love to work for?

Our drive is to start linking you with our industry before you complete your studies so that we can help plot your career well before graduation. Our most successful alumni are those who immediately start linking with sport and fitness organisations and reaching out to community early in their studies.

Your tutor will be engaging with you on this constantly on it to ensure your practical learning experience is valuable, rewarding and, equally importantly, leads to immediate opportunities to earn upon graduation.

Best of luck and stay busy!


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