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eta George

Nestled amidst the spellbinding embrace of the Outeniqua mountains, the eta George campus is where nature and knowledge converge. Specialising in the Fitness degree and Sport Management, this campus provides a rich academic experience. Our Sport Conditioning aficionados are in for a treat, with both theoretical and practical sessions unfolding against the stunning backdrop of Outeniqua Park Rugby Stadium. Can you imagine a better classroom?

What Makes eta George Stand Out?

Prestigious Accreditations:
Affirmed by the Department of Higher Education and Training, Council on Higher Education, CATHSSETA, REPSSA, and SAQA. With eta George, you’re walking into a world-class educational sanctuary.

The Total Immersion Experience:
Beyond the traditional academic voyage, our pioneering ‘Total Immersion’ methodology offers a deep dive into both theory and real-world application. Here, we believe in pushing boundaries and expanding horizons, ensuring every student not just learns but thrives. View all our programmes on offer or take the quiz if you’re unsure!

Gateway to Tomorrow:
Our robust ties with industry giants ensure students get a taste of the real world, setting the stage for success, be it in employment or in carving their own niche.

Let nature be your classroom and passion be your guide at eta George. Call the phone number on this page or send us an email.

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