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Special Projects

Special Projects Department | eta College
eta Special Projects is a division of eta that deals with the following business opportunities:

Assisting sport and fitness businesses and organisations to secure and deliver successful learnership projects for the continued training of their staff and local community. Funding is secured from the SETA for sport and Fitness; CATHSSETA. These learnerships are offered annually. Learnerships are run over a period of one year and are usually full qualifications.

Skills programmes
Skills programmes are designed and delivered based on unit standards from fully accredited qualifications. Specific short courses or skills programmes are custom designed for sport and fitness federations and companies around South Africa. These skills programmes or short courses are particularly effective where students need up skilling but do not have the time to complete full qualifications (which usually take one year to complete). The duration of these skills programmes can vary between several days and several months and offer a flexible alternative to a full qualification.

Active Communities Network South Africa (NPO Registration No.:124-308)

ACN SA has an ongoing partnership with eta. ACN SA is supported by eta through accredited skills programmes and full National Qualifications and has been enabling people to launch their careers in fitness, sport coaching and the business of sport since 1984. ACN SA is linked with Active Communities Network in the UK and follows the same methodology.

ACN SA vision:

A world where everyone has the same opportunity to succeed, regardless of background

ACN SA mission:

Tackle Poverty. Create Opportunities. Inspire Change

Based in Cape Town, Active Communities South Africa (ACN SA) uses sport education as a tool to build resilient communities and empower youth by providing educational pathways and employment. ACN SA acts as a network to channel these opportunities through NGO partners and capacity build community coaches in disadvantaged areas.

ACN SA has supported a wide range of projects and partners since its inception in 2011. We encourage young people and members of the community to volunteer and gain valuable life skills, education and training. We then work with our community partners to identify possible career pathways and next steps.

Word of mouth is important in building trust and we have seen how those who become involved with ACN SA have become powerful advocates of sport for social change in their community.

eta Special Project’s contact details are as follows:
Tel: 021 671 3054
Cell: 082 492 3918
Our latest campaign:

Download Active Communities Network South Africa 2011 – 2017 PDF

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