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eta East London

Tucked within the bustling grounds of Hamilton Sports Club on Cleverdon Road, East London, the eta East London campus emerges as a beacon for sport science enthusiasts and more. It’s not just a space; it’s a journey into the heart of sports, coaching, fitness, management, and beyond.

What Makes eta East London Shine?

Accredited Excellence:
Proudly accredited by the Department of Higher Education and Training, Council on Higher Education, CATHSSETA, REPSSA, and SAQA. With us, you’re not just getting an education; you’re getting globally recognized standards of excellence.

Course Streams:

  • Sport Science: For those with a passion for understanding the mechanics of the human body in action.
  • Coaching: Grooming the next generation of sports mentors and trainers.
  • Management: Crafting leaders for the sports industry’s administrative and strategic needs.

Gateway to Enlightenment:

Beyond the traditional, we offer an academic experience drenched in our ‘Total Immersion’ methodology – a globally acknowledged approach intertwining theoretical prowess with hands-on training and real-world application.

Bridges to Tomorrow:
Our rich affiliations with industry front-runners mean unparalleled exposure for our students. From practical experience to promising employment prospects, we ensure your career path is paved with golden opportunities.

Join the Revolution!

Stay updated with our forthcoming Open Days and exhilarating campus events mentioned below. Ready to leap into your future? Initiate your journey by filling out our enquiry form. Dive deeper into all our programme offerings – a comprehensive overview of all that awaits you.

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