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Diploma in Sport and Recreation Management

This diploma programme will appeal to those with an interest in the world of sport development and physical education in the context of sport and recreation business management, sport marketing and public relations as well as event management and its administration processes.

The programme includes human capital management and volunteer management, giving insight into the management of individuals and teams in a range of sport and recreation contexts.

With community sport development as an outcome, you also learn about physical education, ensuring the ability to plan, implement and manage physical education programmes in schools and communities. In the final year you choose from electives such as sport skills development, sport business development or sport marketing. You are also placed in internships that provide the experiential learning needed for sport and recreation management.


3 Years


Campus Programme


360 credits

Orientation Start Date

10 Feb 2025

Term Begins

17 Feb 2025


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Early bird (year 1 only) R55 500.00 Reg fee R1 500.00
Balance due end of Dec 2024

Pay R1 500.00 Registration Fee

Term payments (year 1 only) R62 500.00Reg fee R1 500.00 Payment 1 = R14 125.00
Payment 2, 3, 4 = R15 625.00

Pay R1 500.00 Registration Fee


Programme Timeline

Additional Information

This NQF level 6 Learning programme is a three year programme accredited (with conditions) by the Council on Higher Education (CHE). The qualification it achieves is registered on the Higher Education Qualifications Sub Framework. The course is offered at NQF level 6, 360 credits and is a three year programme. The mode of study is full time contact

The three-year Diploma in Sport and Recreation Management qualifies students to work in the field of sport, sport management and sport administration. Graduates can work in schools, sport clubs or in private institutions; in a range of areas which can include the management of sport events, facilities, single or multi-sport clubs, athlete or team management or sport development programmes.

You learn about recreation, sport sociology and sport informatics as well as a range of management and leadership theories that can be applied to sport and recreation environments. Practical experience is gained through work-based learning in the third year of study when students complete an internship programme of 6 months. This practical learning enables them to function in a variety of sport and recreation contexts. On completion, graduates are able to manage a sport tournament, co-ordinate athlete and team support, as well as manage a sport and fitness facility. Graduates will also learn to apply administration and business management skills, engage in community sports development and conduct sports specific marketing.

In your first year you will do six subject streams:
Sport and Recreation Studies – Gain an understanding of the principles of sport, recreation and leisure and will be able to develop physical education programmes as well as recreational and sport development strategies.
Sport and Recreation Management – Gain an understanding of the Sport and Recreation business world and will be able to develop various business strategies
Marketing and Public Relations – The subject focuses on understanding the principles of sport marketing and developing effective communication and promotional plans to promote sport and recreation activities.
Event and Project Management – Develop event management skills and focus on creating effective project plans. You will implement and report on events developed during the course work
Sport Sociology – In this subject the inter relationship between society and sport is analysed. Focus is placed on various social issues that influenced the development and participation in sport.
Sport Informatics – is at an introductory level and focuses on developing the relevant IT skills required in the management of Sport and Recreation programmes.

In the second year you will do six subject streams:
Sport and Recreation Studies – Focus on understanding international sport organisation and creating healthy communities through active recreation programmes.
Sport and Recreation Management – Learn about different business entities in the wellness environment, government and not-for-profit sport organisations will be analysed.
Marketing and Public Relations – Create market research projects analysing community sport and recreation needs and promote healthy and active lifestyles. You will also focus on developing corporate marketing strategies.
Event and Project Management – Develop and implement long term social development through sport programmes. In addition, you will develop corporate wellness programmes as well as creating talent identification and development programmes.
Sport Sociology – You will focus on understanding sport participation and the various social cultural factors that influence it.
Sport Informatics – Develop skills in the use of project management software and developing appropriate reporting systems.

In year three you will do two subjects streams:
Sport and Recreation Studies – This subject will be an advanced study in various aspects of sport and recreation and includes a capstone research project. You will also be involved in internships. Sport and Recreation Management – Develop advanced business strategies in specific fields of sport and recreation. An internship within a business entity of choice will be done.

The minimum recommended requirement for admission is the National Senior Certificate (NSC), moderate achievement (40-49%). Recommended: Minimum of 40% in English.

Bloemfontein Cape Town Durban East London George Johannesburg Pretoria Port Elizabeth Stellenbosch

Project developer
Sport or recreation event developer
Sport promotions manager
Facility developer or manager

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