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Our Partners.

A long-standing relationship with SWD Cricket, providing eta College with prospects and good networking opportunities. We offer the union our facilities where they do training for players as well as for staff. Alumni is of great importance for eta College, therefore SWD Cricket provides the opportunity to our students/Alumni in future endeavours within the industry.

Through work-integrated learning programs, aspiring fitness professionals gain hands-on exposure to the fitness industry, honing their skills under the guidance of Body Culture’s seasoned trainers.

eta EL and Body Culture are committed to engaging with the local community through various outreach programs and events. From health and fitness workshops to wellness seminars, they offer a holistic approach to well-being that extends to individuals and families in East London.

Body Culture serves as a living laboratory for our students, enabling them to explore the intricacies of sports and fitness management while contributing to the gym’s operations.

This partnership signifies a synergy between education and fitness, providing unparalleled opportunities for students to learn, grow and make a positive impact on the health and wellness of the EL community.

Big-O Sport’s monthly trail run draws a diverse and inclusive community of runners, spanning various age groups and proficiency levels. eta is privileged to play an integral role in these events, enriching the overall athlete experience through our participation in the Athlete Race Village. Within this capacity, we contribute to the event’s success by providing services such as sports massage, creating a vibrant and engaging atmosphere, facilitating race registration procedures, and orchestrating the distribution of medals to all race finishers.

We have become the Toyota Cheetahs preferred educational provider for their junior team. They have agreed to let all their junior team players study our Higher certificate in fitness programme. We also have arranged that annual NPR testing be done with their junior and senior team.

We use NPR testing along with their specific SARU testing to recruit players for them.

eta is proud to be the preferred education provider for City of Johannesburg employees. This partnership signifies our commitment to enhancing the professional development of city employees. Since 2019, we’ve been working hand in hand to provide high-quality education and training, further equipping city employees with the skills and knowledge they need to excel in their roles. Together, we’re shaping a brighter future for Johannesburg and the world.

Our partnership with the Dolphins School Of Excellence is a testament to our commitment at eta Durban to foster talent and provide comprehensive learning opportunities in the realm of cricket. As proud sponsors, we have collaborated with the Dolphins School Of Excellence to offer enriching learning programs that go beyond the conventional cricketing curriculum. At eta Durban, we believe in integrated learning, and our association with the academy reflects this ethos. We have not only sponsored but also actively hosted a Winter Camp tailored for the development of young cricketers under the esteemed Dolphins umbrella. Moreover, recognizing the importance of individualized player assessment, we are pleased to extend our support through the provision of NPR testing, ensuring that the athletes receive personalized attention and care for their holistic growth.

Endurocad is the brainchild of Olympic medallist and multiple world record holder, Elana Meyer. Aiming to inspire the next generation of athletes, the Stellenbosch-based organisation views athlete education as a key component to their youth development strategy. eta is a proud education provider to Endurocad with a number of their athletes enrolled on bursary programmes at eta’s Stellenbosch campus. With the partnership now in its 5th year, eta looks forward to many more years of collaboration.

Since 2008, eta has been the chosen training provider for sports facility managers within the Gauteng Department of Sports and Recreation. This enduring partnership signifies a commitment to excellence in sports management and facility operations. Through our training programs, we have equipped numerous sports facility managers across Gauteng with the knowledge and skills needed to ensure the smooth operation of sports facilities. This collaboration has been integral in supporting the growth and success of sports and recreation in the Gauteng province. We are dedicated to continuing this impactful partnership into the future.

eta Durban takes great pride in fostering a robust and mutually beneficial partnership with Glenwood High, an esteemed institution renowned for its excellence in both sports and academics within KwaZulu-Natal. As sponsors of Glenwood High’s cricket team, we are committed to supporting and enhancing their athletic endeavors, contributing to the school’s overall success. Additionally, our collaboration extends beyond the field, as we offer NPR testing, further underlining our dedication to the holistic development of the students. Furthermore, our commitment to nurturing talent is exemplified through internship opportunities extended to our students at Glenwood High, providing them with a valuable experiential learning environment.

This partnership is designed to create an enriching educational experience while promoting sports and physical education in the local community.

This immersive experience allows aspiring sports professionals to gain practical insights and skills under the guidance of Hudson Park’s dedicated sports faculty.

Beyond the classroom, eta EL and Hudson Park are dedicated to fostering a vibrant sports culture. The partnership extends to organizing thrilling sporting events and derby days, providing a platform for students to showcase their talents and connect with the local community.

Hudson Park serves as an ideal setting for hands-on experience, enabling students to explore the intricacies of sports and coaching while contributing to the school’s sporting success.

eta EL and Hudson Park are collectively redefining the relationship between academic learning and sports development for the benefit of students and the wider community.

We are the Knights preferred educational provider. All players that have not arranged tertiary education from other institutions will enrol with us to study our short courses. (sports massage/ Fitness Instructor) All students that need hours for WIL are also placed between their marketing and conditioning departments.

Known world-wide for its sport outreach programmes which seek to use sport as a tool to change lives. eta’s Online learning division is proud the be the education provider to the Laureus YES programme, qualifying young Laureus volunteers as sport for good agents, capable of using sport as a vehicle for social cohesion in troubled communities. Over the past 5 years, the partnership has

seen Laureus YES graduates placed all over Southern Africa to use their sport administration skills to improve young lives through sport.

Since 2021, eta has joined forces with the Lions Cricket Club, creating a dynamic alliance in sports education. Lions Cricket Club offers eta students valuable internship opportunities, enabling them to gain practical experience in the professional cricket arena. Additionally, our collaboration goes beyond education, with the Lions employing eta graduates and their analytics specialist contributing part-time as an eta facilitator. Together, we’re shaping the future of sports education and enhancing cricket’s growth as a sport. Our shared commitment to excellence and continuous learning drives this partnership forward, and we look forward to its ongoing success.

eta EL and Micta collaborate to provide an invaluable bridge for fitness enthusiasts, including personal trainers, sports facility management specialists, and sports rehabilitation students. This partnership offers students hands-on internship experiences and job placement opportunities within the Micta ecosystem, ensuring that they embark on their fitness careers with practical expertise.

Aspiring personal trainers trained at eta EL gain access to Micta’s world-class fitness and wellness environment, where they can put their skills to the test while supporting the fitness needs of Mercedes Benz employees. This partnership ensures that these trainers have the knowledge and experience needed to excel in their profession.

This partnership embodies a shared commitment to promoting wellness, professional growth, and practical fitness education.

Performance Division has partnered with the National Council of Strength & Fitness in the United States of America to provide the 1st Internationally recognised & portable certifications for aspiring Strength & Conditioning Coaches & Sports Nutrition Coaches. Students will be provided with the highest standard in learning and take the same course work completed by coaches in the NCAA, NFL, MLB & NBA.

Our esteemed association with the Dolphins Cricket team exemplifies a strategic collaboration founded on shared commitment to excellence. As a prominent force in KwaZulu-Natal cricket, the Dolphins Cricket team stands as a testament to unparalleled sporting prowess. eta Durban is honored to contribute to their success as a dedicated sponsor, extending our support through cutting-edge NPR testing and integrated learning initiatives. Furthermore, our symbiotic partnership extends beyond the realm of sponsorship, with our students afforded the unique opportunity to engage in immersive internships, fostering a dynamic learning environment.

At eta Durban, we are proud to foster a mutually enriching partnership with the esteemed Sharks Academy, an institution renowned for its commitment to shaping elite rugby and soccer athletes in the dynamic region of KwaZulu-Natal. Our collaboration extends beyond the confines of conventional academic support, as we actively engage in grooming the holistic development of the Academy’s student-athletes. By seamlessly integrating them into our tertiary programs, we ensure that these promising individuals not only excel in their athletic pursuits but also receive a comprehensive education that prepares them for a diverse range of future endeavors. Through this strategic alliance, we aim to nurture a cadre of well-rounded, high-achieving individuals who embody excellence both on and off the field.

National Performance Register (NPR) is a revolutionary sports testing and data management system. In collaboration with eta, we offer state-of-the-art sports-specific testing that meticulously evaluates athletes’ performance across various disciplines. Trusted by renowned institutions such as Tagboks, Hollywoodbets Dolphins, UCT Ikey Tigers, Cheetahs Recruitment Academy, and more, NPR revolutionizes athletic training. Using advanced technology and a dedicated mobile app, we deliver precise, data-driven insights to athletes and coaches. Our system not only ranks and assesses athletes but also nurtures a culture of healthy competition and continuous improvement, redefining the future of sports through data-driven excellence.

Polytechnics Mauritius has partnered with eta College to provide sport and fitness programmes to the amazing island of Mauritius . The collaboration will have the objective to enable the training of students so that they are directly employable in the field, and to be contributors to this area of economic activity that is significant to the Mauritian economy. The programmes will ensure access to the required education and training through classroom study and industry immersion built upon strong and sustainable partnerships with industry that will encapsulate a broader spectrum.

Our collaborative association with Prime Human Performance Institute stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence in sports education. Situated within the esteemed Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban, Prime Human Performance Institute serves as our dedicated learning campus. In a mutually enriching arrangement, their knowledgeable staff members are enrolled as students at eta Durban, fostering a dynamic exchange of expertise. Additionally, our support extends to the advancement of their Elite Athlete Development Programme, reinforcing our shared dedication to nurturing athletic prowess. This synergistic partnership reflects a commitment to fostering a holistic approach to sports education and development.

eta College is proud to partner with PTS Fitness, a provider of state-of-the-art fitness equipment. This collaboration bridges the worlds of fitness education and cutting-edge equipment, enhancing the learning experience for our students. PTS Fitness provides us with access to top-quality fitness equipment, ensuring our students are trained using the best tools available. Together, we are dedicated to promoting excellence in the fitness industry. This partnership represents our commitment to preparing students for success in the dynamic world of fitness.

Since 2009, Our partnership with Randburg Football Club has extended beyond a mere collaboration; it’s a dynamic synergy that transforms students’ aspirations into tangible realities. Randburg Football Club has played an integral role in enriching our students’ educational journey by providing them with essential practical hours, coaching experiences, and invaluable internship opportunities.

Through this enduring partnership, our students have gained unique insights into the world of football, honing their skills and building connections within the industry. We are grateful for the

unwavering support and commitment of Randburg Football Club, which has allowed us to consistently offer our students an immersive educational experience.

When REPSSA registered with the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) in 2011, this was very early days for professional body registration and REPSSA was one of the first bodies to apply to SAQA. eta felt very strongly about supporting REPSSA in these early steps because of the implications for education and training in South Arica and the legitimacy that a professional body would bring to exercise and wellness professionals.

REPSSA registered a range of professional designations which attest to the knowledge and skills needed for each designation. This ensures that REPSSA registered practitioners have the knowledge and skills needed to practice in their field. In turn, this assures the public when they use the services of a REPSSA registered professional, because they are recognised as properly qualified to provide safe and effective exercise, based on a strong academic core.

Muller (2009) claims that new professions tend to be less organised and less regulated than their well-established, counterparts, so we must thank REPSSA for insisting on high levels of knowledge and competence in their registered professionals, and this is why eta is proud to be associated with REPSSA.

Our goal at eta is to provide solid education and training so that REPSSA rewards our graduates with immediate recognition when they apply, giving international portability with their membership, and access to work in more than twenty countries. Thus, REPSSA registration is good for education and essential for the profession, providing assurance to employers and to the public.

The partnership between eta and the South African College of Applied Psychology (SACAP) has heralded a significant enhancement in the overall wellness of our institution. This transformative partnership, exemplified by the presence of SACAP’s final-year students on eta campuses, has engendered a profound impact on our student body, affording them the means to not only articulate their thoughts and emotions but to excel comprehensively in all facets of their lives. The presence of final-year SACAP students, enables eta students to foster an environment of open expression and emotional adeptness. Assisting eta students in confronting and effectively managing their emotions, thereby fostering a nurturing atmosphere in which self-expression is unencumbered. eta students are empowered to embrace their authentic selves, while being encouraged to proactively seek the necessary psychological support and guidance when required. This innovative partnership underscores our commitment to the holistic well-being and personal development of our students

eta EL and Selborne College offer students an invaluable opportunity for work-integrated learning in a top-tier fitness and sports facility. This experience allows aspiring fitness professionals to gain hands-on insights and skills in a real-world setting, guided by experts from both institutions.

Beyond the classroom, this partnership extends to organizing thrilling sporting events and derby days that bring the entire community together. These events serve as platforms for students to showcase their talents and connect with the local sports enthusiasts, and also allowing for marketing opportunities for us

Selborne College provides the ideal platform for these students to gain hands-on experience, explore the nuances of sports and coaching, and contribute to the school’s sporting success.

Selborne College’s sports teams benefit from eta EL ‘s expertise in performance fitness testing. This partnership ensures that teams receive comprehensive evaluations to optimize their training and performance levels, helping them excel in competitions.

This collaboration symbolizes a harmonious blend of education and sport

With SACR, Cathsseta and eta Bloemfontein we have signed an MOU over 3 years that will place ten (10) students annually under the Work Integrated Learning programme for a period of 12 Months in the Free State Province.

The Songo organisation plays a pivotal role in the development of youth in the Kayamandi informal settlement in Stellenbosch. Using the sport of mountain biking and BMX as a motivator for success amongst the youth, the Songo clubhouse is always a hive of activity with the youth completing their schoolwork before being allowed to access their bikes and head for the pump track to develop their riding skills. eta is a proud bursary provider to the organisation with the current general manager Sipho Madolo being an eta graduate. The partnership ensures that Songo has a continuous supply of eta qualified sport administrators to guide the organisation.

As the official players’ association of all professional rugby players in South Africa, MyPlayers aims to promote and to protect players’ collective interest within the rugby industry, by representing them on a national and provincial level. eta is proud to be an official education partner to the organisation and shares its committment to providing professional players with a tertiary education to ensure post-playing career sustainability. eta Online provides the flexible study environment which suits the busy timetable of the modern professional athlete.

Third-year diploma students participate in a formalized six-month internship program with St. George’s Cricket Park. Within this capacity, they actively engage in various administrative tasks related to the coordination of upcoming fixtures, assume the role of athlete chaperones for visiting teams, and contribute to event planning for awards evenings. Furthermore, this collaboration provides interns with the unique privilege of pursuing their Level-1 Cricket Coaching certification, thereby enhancing their professional development during their tenure with the organization.

SWD Eagles rugby union and eta College George have been working alongside each other for years on end. We provide the union with our facilities and students and we are given the opportunity to be involved in their events as well as upskilling rugby qualifications. This gives eta College access to premier league rugby squads which in turn showcases our professional edge.

The collaboration between our institution, eta Pretoria, and the Titans offers an enriching educational opportunity that fosters significant growth and development among our students. Our students have the opportunity to develop their talents via individualized coaching that is specifically geared to their chosen sports disciplines. This is achieved by providing extensive mentorship from experienced coaches, team managers, and sports conditioners. Concurrently, our objective is to provide engaging and immersive learning opportunities that enable individuals to effectively use their acquired knowledge and skills within real-world contexts. One notable possibility is the participation of individuals in events planning organized by the Titans, which fosters a practical approach to education and provides them with the chance to encounter authentic situations within the sports sector.

Hosted by The City of Cape Town, SABC and GoodHope FM, the Inaugural CF7s, a project initiated by Dep Mayor Eddie Andrews was staged at the Athlone Stadium and eta College played a pivotal role in team prep and tournament logistics in 2022.

The next CF7s is planned for March 2024.

We are pleased to demonstrate our dedication to provide compelling possibilities for our students via collaborations with influential and dynamic experts in the fields of sport, fitness, and management. The connection between our eta Pretoria and SuperSport Park in the form of an ongoing mentoring program is a noteworthy partnership that is particularly remarkable. The program has provided a remarkable opportunity for our students to directly interact with the executive team. Furthermore, the third-year students in our Sport Management program get great satisfaction from participating in the esteemed Media and Technology Academy, which is held at the renowned SuperSport Park.

eta has cultivated a longstanding and mutually beneficial workplace partnership with Virgin Active. Each year, this collaboration extends a warm welcome to our fitness students, affording them the valuable opportunity to participate in group fitness classes led by seasoned and qualified fitness professionals. It is a great privilege that Virgin Active not only supports our educational initiatives but also actively employs a considerable number of our graduates in roles such as personal trainers and fitness instructors, reinforcing the practical value of this enduring partnership.

eta proudly has a well-established collaboration with Viva Gym. This partnership is cemented through joint ventures such as Activations, Wellness Days and Open Days, collectively promoting physical exercise and emphasizing the importance of community health and wellbeing.

Viva has consistently displayed their generosity by hosting our students in a variety of classes, including but not limited to Body Pump and Bootcamp. We look forward to the continued growth and success of this partnership, as it promises to bring valuable opportunities and resources to both organizations.

An iconic sports institution in Cape Town and South Africa. In existence for more than a century the WPCC business plays a critical and pivotal role in capacitating all of the eta College students.

They have provided venues, jobs, references and access to various WIL elements that are available from the WPCC brand.

Bradley Seconds and Deon Hugo have been valuable networking touchpoints for all students.

This tournament was initiated by Stellenbosch University’s Rugby Development Department in 2009.

The event hosts boys and girls in the U14, U15, U16 and U18 categories and culminates in a Cup Final in each age group.

eta College has had students engaged in planning, and event day execution of this tournament since 2015.

Z-Sports has established a valuable partnership with the eta students, who play an integral role in supporting the operational aspects of their events. This collaboration encompasses various essential tasks, including race registrations, meticulous race pack preparations, and the seamless execution of a diverse array of local events, ranging from triathlons to charity walks. On event days, eta students assume pivotal responsibilities, such as race timing, route marshalling to ensure the safety and efficient navigation of participants, and the presentation of medals to deserving finishers.

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