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Hey there Aubrey..!

Some feedback from a very, very satisfied eta student.

As you know I will be 58 at the end of March, and on the 15th of January 2021, I had trained myself for 40 years.  Thanks to the “eta LOGBOOK” lol, I had to find a way and means of seeing 2020 through.  It wasn’t easy as the gym is my “go to” happy place, and due to the Pandemic, I was locked in my home for months on end… alone.  This is where and when I learnt the beauty of stretching!  Yip mind, body and soul.

I knew a lot with regard to training, but clearly NOT enough once I started this course.  I was skeptical given my age, to start studying something new.  Ps I passed with distinction…so stoked.  And this was purely due to the persistence and dedication of the assessors in Cape Town, who gave fair and honest feedback, the passionate way Aubrey conducted the zoom sessions – yes, I had to learn how to zoom – and the absolute fun learning when we could return to campus.  Liam was always entertaining.  We laughed a lot and were able to put into practice that that Aubrey had discussed.  We also had fun zoom sessions with Liam during the months we couldn’t attend class.

eta pushed me to fall in love with all sorts of training, areas and paths I would never have ventured into.  Thanks to the “Logbook” I realised the importance of stretching, both dynamic and static, something which I now offer as part of my hourly training session.  With this in mind, my training sessions are often 90 minutes long… yip… and my clients love it.  No, I don’t overwork them, we do it all, from warm up, some cardio, body weight exercises, cool down, and 15 minutes of full body stretching.  When they leave their workout, they are so relaxed, and often their response is that they feel like they have been to the day spa after their work out!  We work at 60% MHR chatting all the while which has encouraged some clients to up their game from once or twice a week to four to five times. I have now created a need and a why AND customer care… lol Aubrey! Most important these sedentary people are seeing results weekly!!  Now that inspires me..

The open door policy at eta allowed someone like me, who was not too computer literate, and definitely not into selfies and home videos, to blossom into this mean machine with regard to technology, videos and pics.  eta is now so instilled in me, I return back to my original WHO WHAT WHERE WHEN WHY that assisted me all these years in sales.

I have made a friend for life in Ishie, one of my peers, and his wife, we chat often and offer each other advice during our PT journey.

To those who fell off the bus for whatever reason, the Pandemic can only be one – which was overcome by eta’s staff and management…. YOU DIPPED OUT BIG TIME.  This course would set you up either in business or alternatively to ensure that going forward with your training, you would never need a personal trainer to assist you.  Even if you did not continue training, you would need the fundamentals of this course to assist YOU with your posture, where all life’s little niggles begin.  I spend a large part of training my clients on posture and muscle activation, resulting in little to no aches and pains.  From back ache, to knee pain.

I have resolved health issues I had thanks to the Nutrition module, which was not my favourite, to my upper ab cramp due to having a 6 pack for years and stiff hip flexors.  These are real life issues that sends your client to the physio – who by the way could not resolve my issues, and I had been to two and a chiropractor, two GP’s, two physicians, eventually landing up at a Endocrinologist.

After having doors closed in my face because of my age (I had to pack in my very successful career due to stress)….I now have a very prosperous business in the making.


Gill Mckay


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