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Cruise liner

A while back, I was a student at eta. I completed a Higher Certificate in Fitness that opened up my opportunities to work in the sporting industry. This course is a one-year course, filled with both theoretical and practical content. This gave me a wide range of skills that I practiced in order to enter the industry with conceptual background and confidence in the practical element.

Qualification: Higher Certificate in Fitness

NQF Level: 5

Credits: 137

SAQA ID: 97693

Once I had successfully completed my course, eta had recruiting companies visit the College to scout for industry-ready students and then offer these student work opportunities. I was most interested with working abroad. Steiner is a subcontractor for Cruise Liners called Princess Cruises, Royal Caribbean, Disney Cruises and Norwegian Cruises. This is one career opportunity in the industry that is not obvious and commonly recognized.

I went for an interview and got accepted to work with Steiner as a Fitness Instructor! I was able to use all my knowledge I had gained throughout my course to now move me professionally forward. I began with screening and assessing clients of all ages, understanding their goals and their health risks, including those with special needs, and moving on to the more practical elements of doing personal training and group exercise classes.

I was able to improve lifestyles and wellness based on nutrition principles and used my knowledge on business management principles that I learnt while on my course, to now get me to the position of Fitness Director onboard.

This course and many others at eta gives you the tools that you need to get into the sporting industry.

In conclusion sporting is an industry that can be found within multiple different industries, such as Leisure as I mentioned and others like corporate companies and team building of others in different industries.

The options are limitless.

Written by: Timothy Rodrigues


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