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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
Nelson Mandela

eta is rebranding to make its education even more powerful.

We successfully launched our first degree this year and there are two more in the pipeline.

eta pushed me to fall in love with all sorts of training, areas and paths I would never have ventured into. Thanks to the “Logbook” I realised the importance of stretching, both dynamic and static, something which I now offer as part of my hourly training session. With this in mind, my training sessions are often 90 minutes long… yip… and my clients love it. No, I don’t overwork them, we do it all, from warm up, some cardio, body weight exercises, cool down, and 15 minutes of full body stretching. When they leave their workout, they are so relaxed, and often their response is that they feel like they have been to the day spa after their work out! We work at 60% MHR chatting all the while which has encouraged some clients to up their game from once or twice a week to four to five times. I have now created a need and a why AND customer care… lol Aubrey! Most important these sedentary people are seeing results weekly!! Now that inspires me..


Careers at eta College ~ Exercise Science Specialist (Hlubikazi Sipamla)
We had a chat with eta Graduate Hlubi and her career as an exercise science specialist!


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Recommended reading
Surviving to Thriving – Mental Toughness (Steve Harris)


The bell curve of performance
The relationship between performance and time can be illustrated in a bell curve. The line of a bell curve starts at the mean. As we invest effort and allocate resources, the performance line forms an upward curve over time. Eventually, other forces exceed the influence of our effort and resources. As these forces prevail, the curve reaches its apex and starts a downward journey.

Beating the curve
Beating the curve requires that you adapt, renew, reinvent, innovate, or improvise before the apex. You do it while the line is ascending and there is upward and positive momentum. Initially, self-enforced changes will cause a loss in momentum and the performance line will plateau below the anticipated apex as you go through new learning and developmental processes.

Nothing changes if nothing changes
Beating the curve sets up a new bell curve resulting in higher performance over a longer time. The problem is that our instincts, beliefs, and mind-sets invariably tell us, “Don’t fix it if it’s not broken. Why change if we don’t need to?” This is where mental toughness is required. It is the ability to sense the need for change and to make these changes before you need to, that is, before you reach the apex. If you introduce change at this stage, you build on current accomplishments and create longer-term improved performance by initiating a new, proactive bell curve. The new curve will cause an initial short-term loss in performance. Accepting this loss is another reason to be mentally tough.
Most people introduce change on the downward slope of the curve. This is driven by the pain of loss and the need to survive. However, reacting to the downward momentum requires a lot more effort, and far greater loss is inevitably incurred.
My question to you is: Are you beating the curve?

Becoming resilient – Fire and ice
Mental toughness can be represented by the fire and ice metaphor. It is crucial for an understanding of mental toughness to embrace a seemingly paradoxical relationship between fire and ice.  People who are mentally resilient have fire in the belly and ice in the brain. They combine fiery passion with cold reason – a gut-felt enthusiasm and a burning desire coupled with stony, clear-minded restrain.
The fire component is associated with qualities of heat, power, and assertiveness. The ice component, on the other hand, is associated with the qualities of cold, patience and persistence. These two seemingly opposite claims are bound together into a new reality, creating a condition where intensity and tranquility come together to enable success. However, while fire and ice can thus be mutually reinforcing, they can also short-circuit each other if they are not held in balance: Fire melts the ice, which in turn douses the flames.
Even gallantry must be tempered with cool calculation.

eta College are extremely excited to announce that we have formally partnered with The Tag Rugby® Association to provide both elite and social South African Tag Rugby players both in South Africa and overseas with the best possible training, testing, recovery and sports specific data available. Take a look at the First testing session with the NPR team.



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