5 Exercises You Can Do in Your Dorm Room

A Student Thinking About Exercises She Can Do In Her Dorm Room

Staying fit and healthy as a student isn’t an easy task. It’s probably your first time living on your own, possibly even in a new city. While this period is exciting, there are lots of new responsibilities and things to consider. Catching up with your classes and assignments, meeting new people, and finding your way […]

Managing COVID-19 2021 (Semester 1 Including ALT and Induction)

Stay Safe Coronavirus (2)

THIS COMMUNICATION DOES NOT APPLY TO DISTANCE STUDENTS, IT ONLY APPLIES TO FULL TIME STUDENTS WHO ARE REGISTERED TO A CAMPUS Dear Students and Staff, Communication 14: Managing COVID – 19 Semester 1 Including ALT and Induction We welcome the announcement by President Cyril Ramaphosa on the relaxation of the Alert Level 3 Restrictions. With […]

Managing COVID-19 (2nd semester Risk Level 2)

Stay Safe Coronavirus (1)

THIS COMMUNICATION DOES NOT APPLY TO DISTANCE STUDENTS, IT ONLY APPLIES TO FULL TIME STUDENTS WHO ARE REGISTERED TO A CAMPUS Dear Students and Staff, As many of you would know, the Government’s recent relaxation of the regulations relating to the Disaster Management Act, means we shifted from Risk Level 3 to Level 2. This […]

Can Coffee Help Students Achieve their Academic Goals?

Blog September | Can Coffee Help Students Achieve Their Academic Goals? | Eta College

Written by: Jane Sandwood A 2009 study on college students showed that coffee was the most commonly consumed caffeine product (88.2%), and these figures are echoed among tertiary students in many other countries, including the U.S. and the UK. Coffee’s stimulatory effects make it an ideal pick-me-up in the morning and midday (when energy starts to wane) […]

Fit after your C-section

Blog_May (C Section)

Written by: Annéke da Silva Yes – you are actually allowed to do exercise after a C-section, but doing it at the right time and doing the right exercises is what’s crucial. I have some tips and tricks of how soon you can start and what is considered safe after your C-section. First things first Healing […]

The importance of physical activity for the elderly

Blog 2_January (The Importance Of Physical Activity For The Elderly)

Written by: Helene Malan With the average age of humans living longer  – it is nothing new to find many centenarians today – quality of life for the elderly becomes more important than ever.  Physical activity has many benefits but alarmingly some research reports that only one in four people between the ages of 65 and […]

Grooming Future Champions

Blog 1_January (Grooming Future Champions)

Written by: Joyce Rantsho Top athletes in the world are groomed at a young age to practise and execute the basic fundamental skills of their sport choice. Let’s take the Williams sisters as an example, who started learning how to play tennis at approximately 5 years of age. At ages 5 – 7 a child’s […]

Wellness in your home, in your family, within you.

Blog 2_November (Wellness In Your Home, In Your Family, Within You)

What is wellness? Not according to your Google app, not according to what wellness experts say but according to you. In the day and age, that we live in we have different perspectives of what wellness is and take other people’s perspectives without forming our own. I don’t want to give you a definition of […]

Improve Your Mind Through Diet and Exercise

Blog 2_October (Improve Your Mind)

Researchers from Harvard University have determined that regular exercise can improve memory and thinking skills. With that knowledge, it is important to determine which exercises, and even diet plans, help improve your mental health. Taking the time to learn the proper way to implement these methods will be beneficial for anyone looking to improve their lives through exercise and diet. […]

Keeping Yourself Healthy When Prepping For That All – Important eta Exam

Blog 2 September (Keep Yourself Healthy)

Hundreds of people study at eta College every year – and with well-regarded courses accredited by the Council on Higher Education on offer, it’s really no surprise that it’s so popular. Exams here are rigorous and they’re not for the faint-hearted. And as the South African Department for Education advises, resting properly and preparing yourself physically for tough exams is […]