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The holiday season is here, and we all know what that means: cozy sweaters, twinkling lights, and a festive feast that could feed a small army! While the holidays are a time for merriment and indulgence, they often leave us with a little extra love – around our waistlines. However, with a dash of creativity and a sprinkle of holiday spirit, keeping fit over the holidays can be fun and fulfilling.

Choose healthy holiday foods when keeping fit over the holidays

Portion control is the best tool you can have. Load up on smaller helpings of your favorite dishes so you can savor every bite without going overboard. Mindful eating is where the real magic happens. Slow down, put your fork down between bites, and truly savor the flavors. It’s like a food meditation that helps you appreciate every delicious moment. Also, if you’re eyeing those calorie-packed holiday classics, fear not! There are clever swaps that make everyone happy. Trade butter for applesauce in your baking, and you’ve got a tasty treat with fewer calories. Swap out the heavy cream for Greek yogurt in mashed potatoes, and you’ve got a creamy side dish that loves your waistline right back. So this holiday season, choose wisely, keep an eye on those portions, and explore lighter alternatives. 

Incorporate physical activity into holiday traditions

Don’t let the holidays turn you into a couch potato! It’s time to shake things up and put some action into your festive traditions. Why not make physical activity part of your holiday routine? Gather the family for some fun-filled activities like nature walks, where you can admire the winter wonderland while working those leg muscles. Ice skating? Plus, who can resist a friendly game of holiday charades or a snowball fight? The secret here is to make fitness feel like a game, a joyful part of your celebrations. There’s no need to sweat the small stuff. Just make sure you’re sweating a little! Incorporate physical activity into your traditions, and watch your holiday spirit soar as you keep fit and have a blast doing it!

Make use of home workouts 

Home Sweet Home can also be your fitness haven during the holidays; no fancy gym is needed. With just creativity and motivation, you can break a sweat right in your living room without a ton of equipment. Think about it like this: your space becomes your workout playground, and your body’s your only tool. Try simple yet effective routines like jumping jacks, high knees, or burpees. In addition, if you’re tight on space, no worries! Exercises like squats and lunges take up less room than a Christmas tree. Also, push-ups and planks are your best pals for building strength from the comfort of your own home; no gym membership is required. It’s all about using what you’ve got to stay fit and festive.

Find an accountability partner 

When it comes to staying on track with your fitness goals during the holidays, having a workout buddy or an accountability partner is like having your very own cheerleader and coach rolled into one. So, how do you find your fitness partner? Well, start by looking within your circle of friends or family who share similar fitness interests or goals. Now, you’ll have a gym buddy without the gym! Once you’ve got your accountability partner, motivate each other by setting specific goals and checking in regularly. The best part? You get to celebrate victories together. Just think about all those stories of people who conquered their fitness goals hand in hand. So, when keeping fit over the holidays, don’t go it alone. Find that workout buddy or accountability partner, and let the motivation flow. 

Practice stress managements 

Stress during the holidays is very common. It can sneak up on you and lead to overeating, zapping your motivation to stay active. The pressure to meet expectations, the holiday preparations, and the long to-do lists can take a toll on your well-being. Stress, in turn, can lead to emotional eating, making you reach for that extra piece of pie or sugary treat to soothe your nerves. But fear not! You’ve got a toolkit to combat holiday stress and stay on track. Meditation can immensely help you clear your mind and ease the holiday chaos. Yoga stretches and deep breathing can help you with stress. Even simple deep breathing exercises can be your lifeline when things get overwhelming.

Don’t deprive yourself when keeping fit over the holidays

Depriving yourself of holiday treats is like missing out on the sparkle of the season. So, go ahead and indulge, but remember that moderation is your best friend. Enjoy those delicious cookies and festive drinks, but don’t go overboard. It’s all about savoring the flavors without feeling deprived. Balance is the key. Think of it like walking a tightrope, finding that sweet spot between enjoying treats and maintaining a healthy routine. Guilt should have no place on your holiday plate. Treats are meant to be enjoyed, not to weigh you down with remorse. Instead, savor each bite, knowing that a little indulgence can be part of a balanced holiday diet.

Maintaining fitness when moving over the holidays

Staying fit while on the move during the holidays can be a real challenge. Changing routine, unfamiliar surroundings, and limited access to your usual exercise equipment can throw you off your fitness game. However, when moving during the holidays, you can stay fit if you organize well. For example, pack all the basic and essential moving equipment in a separate bag when relocating during this period to be easily accessible when you settle in. Lightweight and versatile equipment like resistance bands can be a game-changer because they take up little space in your luggage and offer a full-body workout wherever you are. Carry portable snacks like nuts, dried fruits, or protein bars to curb hunger pangs. When dining out, look for lean protein and vegetable options on the menu, and consider sharing larger portions to control portion size.

Follow our tips and tricks for keeping fit over the holidays 

Keeping fit over the holidays is not about deprivation or sacrifice. This is about finding joy in the process. From savoring those festive treats in moderation to incorporating physical activity into your traditions, you’ve got the power to make this holiday season your healthiest and happiest yet.


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