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Taking Care Of Your Hair And Skin After A Workout

Working out is generally a good habit to include in people’s everyday life. It can improve their mental health while reducing the risks of developing a variety of chronic diseases. Overall, exercising can lower the possibility of early death by 20-30%. However, as the 26th US President Theodore Roosevelt once said, “Nothing worth having comes easy.” So stick with it – and also include taking care of your skin and hair after each workout!

Skin and Scalp Conditions to Look Out For

Physical activities boost the blood flow to the skin. While this has its benefits, it can also lead to the development of yeast and acne-causing bacteria without the right care. In many instances, it can result in chafing and rashes. The scalp can share a similar fate. Aside from acne, your scalp can also be affected if you forego a haircare routine after exercising. This may include a slight odour, thinning, and ingrown hair. These undesired effects can be prevented by implementing hygienic post-workout practices.

Vital Haircare Habits

Exercising takes effort. And that means sweating, a lot of sweating. This causes that itchy feeling on the scalp, which makes people want to give it a good scrub as soon as possible. However, this is often the reason why people make their first misstep on their post workout haircare routine. Washing and shampooing the hair after every workout is a common mistake physically active people make. Experts believe that for the average person, shampooing three to four times a week is enough. Shampooing too many times strips the scalp of its natural oils, making it drier. Clean the hair with plain water and then apply a conditioner instead of washing it every day. It is best to take advantage of natural oils. This can be done by combing the hair strands with a boar bristle brush after a workout session. Doing this will help break up any congestion at the hair’s roots and spread the oils to the middle and ends.

Many people, especially women, are used to tying their wet hair into a bun with elastics after taking a shower. This, too, should be avoided. This is because hair is most vulnerable to damage when wet. A tight elastic band can cause tugging, which can cause hair strands to snap, and it may even cause traction alopecia.

Substantial Skincare Routine

Another problem with sweat is that it creates the perfect wet and warm habitat for bacteria. That’s why it’s important to rinse off and remove sweat and bacteria from the skin after exercising. Always hit the showers after working out. This is especially crucial to individuals that are prone to acne. When showering, refrain from using hot water because it can eliminate natural oils. Lukewarm to cool water is preferred. If showering at the gym is not an option, at least make sure to clean the most significant area — the face. The ideal way of washing the face is to do it gently and not rush. But if in a hurry, a facial wipe is a good alternative. Avoid wiping with dirty hands as this can cause acne and boils.

Bacteria can also build up in used gym clothes. So, don’t wear them again unless they are washed. Dumping dirty shirts and socks straight into the washing machine is a good task to incorporate into one’s post-workout routine.

All of these post-workout practices, no matter how small they may seem at first, will have a big impact on one’s journey to fitness and health. As long as they are followed, no skin or hair problems will get in the way of your health and fitness goals.

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