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Aubrey – eta Online Academic Manager

What course do you tutor at eta Online?Fitness certificate and diploma, Coaching Diploma and Personal Trainer.

What do you enjoy most about this course?The ability to assist students to pursue their passion in the fitness and coaching industry.

What do you love about sport?The ability to make friends and socialise whilst exercising.

What do you love about eta Online?The simplicity of the platform that streamlines submissions and the ability to perform work functions anywhere as long as one has internet connection

What are the three most common student struggles?The initial navigation on eta Connect – this however is brought about students not reading the welcome email. Sometimes students are kicked out of the system, but this could be due to various factors, the most common being their internet connection.

If you could give students one piece of advice, what would it be?Work hard from the beginning and continue to ask questions if there are any doubts.

How much study time should be done in a week?One hour per day = seven hours per week.

Who is your favourite sports coach/ manager and why? Sir Alex Ferguson for not only his ability to coach the sport of football, but more importantly to manage his players from the professional side to assisting and understanding the human aspect of his players. This for me is a good manager.


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