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The gym can be a great place to try a different class, make some new friends or catch up on a little reality TV while on the elliptical. However, it can also be a place of awkward situations! From wardrobe malfunctions to running into someone you’d rather not see when you’re covered in sweat, read on for the six most common awkward gym situations and how to overcome them!

You stumble/trip/fall
Hey, this awkward moment happens to the best of us. Whether it’s falling off the treadmill, tripping over a dumbbell or slipping in the locker room, we’ve all been there. So pick yourself up as gracefully as you can, laugh it off and know that everyone is sympathising with you!

You forget your sports bra
Isn’t that the worst? Instead of skipping your workout all together, remember that you can perform low impact activity in your regular bra. Having made it to the gym, why not and walk on the treadmill or lift some weights to keep up your fitness schedule? Neither require significant support, nor should you work up too much of a sweat, so there’s awkwardness in them!

You pass gas during yoga or doing that final rep on the bench press
This one is a common awkward moment in yoga because everyone is so relaxed and you’re putting your body in some unusual positions. If it’s loud and noticeable, laugh this awkward moment off. If it’s quiet, pretend you didn’t notice. Chances are, others will want to avoid the awkward moment, too. (But don’t let it get you down, even the queen does it.)

You run into your ex/crush/boss
There’s nothing worse than finishing a really intense workout, having worked up a serious sweat, and then running into your ex, your crush or your boss. Talk about awkward. No matter how gross you may feel, know that the other person is probably feeling exactly the same! Instead of focusing on how you look, think about how awesome you are for being at the gym and working out like a rock star!

You rip your workout clothes
Whether it’s a seam on your leggings or the embarrassing crotch of your shorts, it’s not uncommon to have a slight wardrobe malfunction at the gym. While definitely an awkward moment, try to get to the locker room as soon as you can after it happens. Try to act as confident as you can, and cover yourself up casually with a towel. If you don’t carry spare workout clothes in your gym bag (start doing so!), see if you can borrow something from a friend or grab your jacket. If you have no other clothes to change into, head home and work out there.

You sweat more than the average bear
You’ve been really going for it on one of the machines you’re confident using, only to get up and realise that the seat is now decidedly damp thanks to your bum sweat. Mortifying. Put a towel down before you start your reps to avoid this.

At the end of the day, everyone will have their own awkward experiences in the gym, and the best way to deal with any of them is to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and try to exercise your sense of humour about it! Always try to remember that you’re awesome for even making it to your training in the first place. Tell us your most cringe-worthy gym story below. We pinky promise not to laugh.


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