The Sporting Industry – An industry within many industries

Cruise Liner

A while back, I was a student at eta. I completed a Higher Certificate in Fitness that opened up my opportunities to work in the sporting industry. This course is a one-year course, filled with both theoretical and practical content. This gave me a wide range of skills that I practiced in order to enter […]

Gill Mckay Testimonial

Testimonial G Mckay | Gill Mckay Testimonial | Eta College

Hey there Aubrey..! Some feedback from a very, very satisfied eta student. As you know I will be 58 at the end of March, and on the 15th of January 2021, I had trained myself for 40 years.  Thanks to the “eta LOGBOOK” lol, I had to find a way and means of seeing 2020 […]

Feature: Chipasha Kaoma

Feature Chipasha Kaoma | Feature: Chipasha Kaoma | Eta College

In today’s feature we chatting to Chipasha Kaoma, he attended one of our recent Virgin Active Learnerships and answered some questions below on his experience! Background (age, where you live, some background information): My current age is 23, i currently live in Randburg Fontainebleau, I work at Bel Air Virgin Active and I have been […]

Why Functional Fitness is the Core of CrossFit Training

Blog_June (Functional Fitness)

Written by: Lorinda Visagie As a Certified CrossFit Level 1 coach and Sport specific conditioner, functional fitness has completely changed the game on how we condition different sporting codes and recreational individuals. Functional fitness in CrossFit per definition states: “increased work capacity, across broad time and modal domains” thus “constantly varied, functional movements performed at high […]

How Modern Society has masked sport coaches in darkness

Blog 2 Mar (Modern Society)

Written by: Shereen Smith  Nowadays sport coaching has become so complex due to the effects of social media and crime, with drastic restrictions placed upon any video or photographic evidence as well as physical contact.  This is why it is essential that all sport coaches enforce a responsible coaching stance. This initiative is starting to take […]

Pilates – what you need to know

Blog March 1 (Pilates)

Written by: Danielle Hattingh I can remember walking out of my first Pilates class, puzzled and confused. It was only after a couple more classes, two additional courses and a few years experience that I really appreciated it for what it is. All good and well for a Pilates instructor, but what about the person […]

The importance of strength training in young and old

Blog 3_December (Strength Training)

Written by: Lorinda Visagie Strength training is a key factor in the world of sport specific conditioning. This significant training stimulus is not only important in the professional performance domain of athletes but also to every day individuals that want to accomplish a well-balanced, healthy body. Strength training has become an integral part of an […]

The contradiction of LTPD

Blog 1 December The Contradiction Of Ltpd

Written by: Shereen Smith Many sporting federations globally have realized the importance of Long-Term Programme Development to ensure the growth and grooming of world class athletes to represent their Nations in the competitive world and ultimately bring home the Trophy or gold medal. However, the problem comes in with the execution of these well laid out […]

The Paradigm Shift in Coaching

Blog 1 November (Paradigm Shift In Coaching)

I remember when I was a younger sportsperson, the coach was an individual who rocked up at the field, gathered the troops together and guided us through a couple of drills and prepared us for the games the coming weekend. I can’t recall any of my coaches having a clipboard with them with a defined […]

How to get supporters to stadiums on game day

Blog 3 August How To Get Supporters To Stadiums On Game Day

The improvement of the home viewing experience has challenged sports teams (franchisees) to think about how they can better draw their audiences to the stadium. Would you rather stay at home on game day and watch the action from the couch? Or would you rather be part of the experience? “Taking steps to incentivise fans […]