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How Benni McCarthy Joined Manchester United Coaching Staff

Exterior view of old trafford stadium

When we talk about football legends transitioning into successful coaching careers, the story of Benni McCarthy stands out. Today, as a coach at Manchester United, McCarthy’s journey is not just inspiring but also a beacon for aspiring coaches.  Benni McCarthy: From Stellar Player to Manchester United Coach Benni McCarthy’s journey to joining the coaching staff […]

The Highest-Paid Sports Agents In Football

Sports agent and client shaking hands at the table

In the majestic theatre of football, the limelight often gleams on the athletes, leaving the architects of their fortunes unnoticed. Yet, the highest-paid sports agents silently script these dazzling narratives, earning jaw-dropping commissions that would make even Midas blush. Picture Todd France, from Athletes First, who effortlessly pockets a cool $28.1 million in commissions. In […]

How to Gain Practical Experience in Sports and Fitness after College

Navigating the sports and fitness world after college can be daunting. It’s vital to gain practical experience to thrive. Fortunately, myriad avenues exist for eager graduates. Internships and entry-level roles offer a solid foundation. Additionally, volunteering provides unparalleled insights. Beyond that, professional organizations present myriad growth opportunities. Continual learning is key; certifications can propel your career forward. […]

Springboks Coaching Spotlight: The Journey of Jacques Nienaber

rugby ball on grass

Picture this: a sun-drenched rugby field in South Africa, young players running about, dreams of glory shining in their eyes. Among them is Jacques, not as the famed “Springboks coach” we know today, but as an aspiring lad with a passion for the game.  Surprisingly, his first official role wasn’t shouting tactics from the sidelines […]

How to Become a Sports Masseuse

Masseuse working on the back of a man

Have you ever watched a sports event and found yourself captivated by the energy, the thrill, the sheer athletic prowess on display? Have you also wondered how these athletes stay in tip-top shape and rebound so quickly after gruelling performances? If so, the mysterious world of sports massage might just be your career sweet spot. […]

What Is the Difference Between Coaching and Mentoring?

coaching tactics board

In your quest to carve a niche for yourself in the fitness industry, you’ve no doubt stumbled upon the terms “coaching” and “mentoring” more times than you’ve heard “No pain, no gain.”  But what is the real difference between coaching and mentoring? Is there even one, or are these just fancy buzzwords that burly gym […]

Top Careers in the Sport and Fitness Industries

The world of sport and fitness is a dynamic and diverse space teeming with countless professions. It offers opportunities to those passionate about promoting health, improving performance, and motivating others. Here, we’ll delve into some of the most sought-after careers in the sport and fitness industries. Health and Wellness Coaching  Health and wellness coaching has grown exponentially in […]

What is Coaching Science?

Female coach instructing 3 ladies

Imagine standing at the helm of a sports team, guiding an athlete’s progress, strategising victories, and learning from losses. Have you ever considered a career that lies at this thrilling intersection of sports, science, and mentoring? If you’re nodding, it’s time to unlock the mystique behind the question that’s been sitting in your mind: “What […]

How to Become a Personal Trainer in South Africa

Male trainer with female client lunging with medicine ball in hand

Have you ever found yourself daydreaming during your 9-5 job, envisioning a career where your passion for fitness and wellness can take centre stage? Or are you facing the end of your schooling career with absolutely no desire to “get a safe desk job”? The demand for health and fitness professionals in South Africa has […]

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