YFC Kidstop Charity Project by eta College

Dearest Mrs Monique Hanekom and the A-team students, 

How can YFC thank you for your kindness and the absolute wonderful difference you made to our environment!

As you could see the building was in a very poor state.

Your team did a wonderful job!!  I do hope that they did have fun, as I know it was hard work! I ran around a bit and would have loved to spend more time with you all. 

May you be blessed in ways you never expected for what you and your students have done for us.  

The word “Thank you” does not seem to carry the appreciation for the awesomeness of what you have done.   The children and myself really appreciate the great kindness and hard work. 

Thank you for giving a day of your lives to make an everyday difference for the children.  

Kind regards and many, many thanks, 


Sonika Badenhorst, Social Worker

This project was organised by the eta George Campus


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