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eta week 28 Aug

“People who pursue significance usually care more about outcome than income.”

Launching our new Distance learning course!

health and wellness coach


A holistic, life changing health and wellness course for you and your clients combining the latest research with conventional wisdom.

Are you interested in coaching health and wellness? We will provide you with the first steps in getting there. This course will challenge you to engage and apply basic health psychology and health promotion theories and best practices. Our nutrition section will broaden your thinking of functional foods and it will influence your current beliefs of nutrition as part of a holistic approach to wellbeing. You will be equipped to manage, build, and promote your wellness business with relevant and current theories and ideas. During this learning journey, you will not only gain practical knowledge and skills but will be part of a transformative process of change within yourself, and leading change for others.

Intrigued? Join us in October for our first intake! Read more here

Continuing with our strategic plan

PESTEL analysis

The PESTEL (political, economic, social, technological, environmental, legal) analysis considers the context in which eta functions and the potential effects this context presents to eta.


Politics in South Africa must be monitored and at present, there is a reasonably stable political environment. The government is attempting to uplift citizens that live with the legacy of apartheid. This could mean that public education (government-funded) will be affected by greater demand as more students apply expecting free education.  Those that are not accepted at public institutions would turn to privates, but they may not have the resources to afford these. Therefore, the demand for student loans and for student accommodation will increase. eta must continue to seek funders and funding institutions that are able to help applicants.


The greatest economic threat to eta in 2020 is Covid-19 and the impact that this pandemic has on income and consequently spending. Thus, a new payment model is included for 2021 with upfront fees paid per term. The rollout will offer four equal duration terms of nine weeks, catering for the 36-week academic year.  South Africa’s tough economic climate and high unemployment add to our challenges.  Educational options such as occupational certificates, short courses, workshops, CPD courses should provide a positive response to this.


An achievable learning pathway to a degree will fit into a social environment where we have an aspirational middle class. We need a price and RPL strategy to achieve this.


Technology is a massive factor in the provision of education because it is intended to increase access, address social justice and education costs.  We must remain current with technology and digital trends. More importantly, we must not take our eye off the artificial intelligence (AI) impact on businesses. Technology will automate many tasks that do not require human interaction and communication, thereby reducing costs and allowing time for more student interaction and support.  Thus, we need to look at how we provide our students and our teaching staff with the right tools, so they are equipped to work in businesses using technology and AI.  


Climate change and drought are factors that affect developing countries and their people.  We should be cognizant of this and the physical threat of crime to our students. Additionally, power cuts mean we need other ways of powering our campuses and national offices as well as our homes if we work from them. Climate change is a factor with water shortages in dry areas, so we need to consider drought-resistant environments.  In other areas, rain and flooding are a threat, which brings damage to resources.  We need to ensure we have insurance and protection from this threat.  


Education in South Africa is highly regulated by the government. We continue to be compliant while seeking legal opportunities beyond restraints that are less constraining.  If approved, the Sport & Recreation Amendment Bill will affect our exercise and sports facilities that offer private membership because we would have to comply with the new Act.

How do you feel about the PESTEL analysis?  Write to us and let us know.

Recommended reading

Surviving to Thriving – Mental Toughness (Steve Harris)

Chapter 1. WHY SURVIVING TO THRIVING? (Continued from last week)

Thriving is achieving success ‘or’ significance.

The word ‘or’ signals a preference in which you are limited to one choice or another. I have concluded that, wherever possible, I want to live in an ‘and’ rather than an ‘or’ world. Expressions such as ‘you can’t have your cake and eat it’ have conditioned us to default to one choice or another, rather than embrace both. Therefore, instead of success or significance, I believe we should opt to include significance in any pursuit of success. My default mantra has become no success without significance.

Success is often associated with the words, winning, profit and fame

Success can be plotted on a continuum from no noteworthy success through mild success and on to wild success.

Tom Brady, the former New England Patriots’ quarterback, has experienced wild success. By 2019 he had appeared in nine Super Bowl finals, winning six. In this context he was successful because he experienced winning, fame and wealth.

If you want a younger example of wild success, how about, Kyle ‘Bugha’ Giersdorf, then sixteen-year-old, won the 2019 Fortnite World Cup. A handsome three million dollars.

People who pursue significance usually care more about outcome than income

Effective altruism, i.e. participation in the service of humane ideals involving audacious-sounding goals, from achieving equality, fairness, and justice to saving the planet and eradicating hunger and disease. These approaches aim to enrich the beneficiaries, so that they experience positive results, as opposed to enhancing a warm glow for yourself. This results in significance and satisfaction.

What do you feel about the difference between success and significance?  Write to us and let us know.

Are you passionate about or have a talent for working with kids?  

We all know that the past few months have been really challenging for the fitness industry as a whole.

In an attempt to help this valuable community, I’ve connected with Tania Williams, an expert in the fitness industry with over 20 years of experience. She has some valuable training that could change the game for you.

Tania was a National Champion at gymnastics back in the day but then transitioned into a fitness coach where she has specialised in kids’ fitness. She has a physical, brick-and-mortar gym and an online gym. 

She knows the industry and more importantly, she understands what it takes to run a successful 7-figure business. 

She is trying to help fitness coaches, personal trainers and anyone involved with kids’ fitness to adapt to the current changes and grow thriving businesses while they are at it.

If her free training session is something you’d be interested in, then click here to learn more


Dr Steve Harris eta College CEO


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