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the eta week 24 july

“Mental toughness unlocks the potential for breaking through your mental ceiling.”

This was the main conclusion from my PhD thesis. I used the Springbok rugby team as the target group to conduct research on mental toughness (Harris S. Mental Toughness: A sociological and psychological study of Springbok Rugby Players 2007).

Our eta College mission 

Inspired by Nelson Mandela’s quote “Education is the most powerful tool to improve our world”, our mission articulates our reason for existence:

We serve our communities by providing access to education that creates employment opportunities in the sport, leisure, and wellness sectors, ensuring transferable knowledge that can be applied to a range of contexts. Our mission aims to:

  1. Enhance students’ lives through the achievement of qualifications that enable employment in a range of professions across the sectors of health, wellness, leisure, and sport.
  2. Enable our graduates to launch their own practice or become entrepreneurs.
  3. Provide quality, innovative learning programmes with student engagement opportunities that balance theoretical, applied, and experiential learning.
  4. Ensure challenging, well-supported, and adaptive learning environments in all modes of delivery.
  5. Create innovative learning options that anticipate and use the changing world of technology.
  6. Promote lifelong physical activity and wellness practices through our educational programmes.
  7. Foster alliances and partnerships with communities, industry, sport federations, government, and other public and private providers.
  8. Include national and international priorities in our organisational practices.
  9. Promote the principles of social justice through engagement with our stakeholders.
  10. Uphold our quality assurance structures to ensure good governance and enhance the quality of teaching and learning.
  11. Continuously improve the quality of our programmes’ and their teaching and learning and ensuring we meet the stringent requirements of accreditation.
  12. Empower our staff to succeed in their field through education, training, and development.

 Recommended reading / podcasts / webinars 

If you want an interesting commentary on education try this TED talk.

Hereby please find the link to the TED talk


Dr Steve Harris eta College CEO


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