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Student testimonial for the ETA Personal Trainer Course 2023

My experience studying with the ETA Distance Learning Department has been transformative and enriching. The course content offered a comprehensive approach to various facets essential in today’s professional landscape of Personal Trainers.

“Introduction to Academic Literacies and Learning Technology,” was an invaluable foundation. It included an assessment of learning styles, guiding us to identify our preferences and tailor our learning strategies accordingly. Navigating the ETA Connect platform was seamless, aided by comprehensive resources on personal technology skills, internet basics, and the utilization of various apps. The practical exercises, such as creating a PowerPoint presentation and blog, equipped us with hands-on experience crucial in today’s digital age.

Moreover, the emphasis on self-reflection, critical thinking, and information literacy in subsequent modules was instrumental. These modules delved into unconscious bias assessment, web page evaluation, and digital citizenship, fostering a well-rounded understanding of digital responsibility and awareness.

The integration of technology literacy in the Computer Literacy and Internet Knowledge course was timely and enlightening. Understanding the basics of computer operation, file management, and internet navigation proved instrumental in troubleshooting common issues independently. The exploration of operating systems and internet fundamentals was particularly insightful, bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application.

Moving into specialized courses such as Kinesiology, Exercise Science, Nutrition, Fitness Facility Orientation, and Exercise Program Design was a holistic approach towards professional development. These courses not only provided in-depth knowledge but also instilled practical skills essential for a career in personal training. From understanding human anatomical structures, and designing effective and safe exercise programs, to well-structured, transparent and well-planned financial management, each module contributed significantly to my skill set.

The ETA Connect platform, complemented by the Homeroom section, proved to be an excellent support system. The interactive forums, video resources, and tools like the plagiarism check enhanced the learning experience, fostering collaboration among peers and facilitating easy communication with instructors.

Overall, studying with ETA Distance Learning has been a journey of immense growth and learning. The structured curriculum, comprehensive resources, and practical applications have equipped me with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the field of personal training. I am truly grateful for the enriching experience and the supportive learning environment provided by the ETA Distance Learning Department.

ETA will definitely see me back to bulk my CV with their short courses. 

Best Regards

Douw Bodenstein

Dear Monique,

I hope this email finds you well. I wanted to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude for your exceptional dedication and guidance throughout our PT course at ETA Distance Learning.

Your unwavering kindness, understanding, and compassion have truly made a significant impact on my learning journey. Your approachability and willingness to assist with queries, no matter how small or complex, have been immensely appreciated. Your timely responses and thorough explanations of the course content in an easy-to-understand manner have been instrumental in my understanding and progress within the course.

Your profound knowledge and expertise in the subject matter were evident in the way you articulated complex concepts, making them accessible and comprehensible. Your ability to manage the course and the diverse cohort of students with a perfect balance of firmness, kindness and passion has created a learning environment that felt safe, nurturing, and conducive to asking questions and deepening our understanding.

Your encouragement and continuous support have been invaluable. Your passion for teaching and commitment to fostering a positive learning atmosphere have not gone unnoticed. Your dedication to ensuring that each student feels empowered to learn and grow, referring here specifically to a well-mature one like myself,  has been truly inspiring.

I am profoundly grateful for your guidance, mentorship, and the profound impact you’ve had on my educational journey. Your contributions have not only enhanced my knowledge but have also enriched my overall experience as a student. Your dedication to your role as a facilitator sets a remarkable example for all educators.

Thank you once again, Monique, for your exceptional efforts, unwavering support, and dedication to nurturing a vibrant learning community. Your influence will continue to resonate with me as I move forward in my personal trainer endeavours.

Warm regards,


We love it when our staff complete our programmes and we love it even more when they excel. Grant Stevenson (eta National ICT Manager)
Recently completed our Personal Trainer Programme and he shared some thoughts.

“Having not studied formally for a number of years, I was excited at the prospect of learning something new. From the first day, I was very impressed with the way the whole distance learning process unfolded. ‘Thank You’ to Aubrey, Nawaal and Shereen for making it so easy.

The course timetable was a great planning tool and allowed me to ensure that my submissions were always on time. The structure of the course content was incredible. I thoroughly enjoyed each module and especially the videos and activities. It was a great learning experience and I was sad when I completed the last module. I wanted more! For someone who has been actively involved in sport and fitness for many years, it was a formal way of consolidating and correctly aligning my knowledge. I highly recommend this Program to anyone who would like to pursue a career in the sporting and fitness industries or would just like to learn a valuable new life skill”.

“Hallo Chris,

Hope you are well. Thank you so much for your assistance and the excellent service in my application to eta college’s online course!

I have received my confirmation of registration and am super excited to be enrolled for the course! Must admit – that if I didn’t have your assistance, I would probably not have made the registration in time and missed my opportunity to complete my certification.

So please know that I am extremely grateful for this service which you have provided me with – and will recommend eta to everyone I know! Well done on making my registration as painless and smooth as possible.

Looking forward to hearing from your team soon!”

– Imke

“Hello Shani, (Shannette)

Hope you well and warm. I just also want to add a very big thank you for all the effort and personal interest you’ve invested in us.

I am grateful to see that the world still has someone like you and sometimes I lose faith in the human race, but you give me new hope that there are amazing people out there.

You are a beautiful person inside and out, don’t ever change that for anyone. Your presence in any crowd is an instant glow don’t ever lose your magic you have a beautiful gift.

Back to work. Love peace and lipgloss”

– Najemeya

“To whom it may concern,

Dealing with eta college, and in particular Christopher Morris and the distance learning department, has been an absolute pleasure. The service was excellent, and Chris so kindly helped me with all my questions and queries. I look forward to joining the eta team and have high hopes for the future after my pleasant experience with you guys thus far.”

Kind regards,

“Whoop whoop – Thanks Shereen

Also thanks for your kind words – gives me much encouragement. I will be submitting my Umpiring Log Book and Certificate soon. Netball South Africa will be holding a Coaching Level 1 course towards end September, which I will be doing just before I go away.

Thank you again for everything you do for me and for all other students, you are a true asset to eta Distance Learning Department. Have a great day”

– Andrea

“Dear Shereen,
Thank you so much for your help and support during my first year. I really value your guidance.

What’s the plan for next year and where do we go from now?
I would like to pay for my 2nd year. When does the 2nd year start?”

– Kind Regards, Graeme

“Good day,

My name is Lonwabo, I am 20 years of age. Earlier This year I completed a National Certificate in Sports Management through eta Distance Learning.

For the first three months of 2017, I was at the eta Cape Town campus but decided to switch my studies to an online platform of which worked exceptionally well for me.

Distance Learning taught me how to manage my time, think outside the box and the professionalism required in the industry.

I truly believe online studies is the way forward. A friend of mine saw how I enjoyed it and he became interested in going the same direction when he matriculates. Getting fellow youngsters, or even perhaps older members of society to study through eta would be a dream come true.

My heart beats for eta,
I hope this finds you well”

– Lonwabo

“Dear Chris,

I wanted to share my online experience with you. eta Distance Learning is well ahead technology-wise WRT to the programs they are using, which really helps a lot.

Unfortunately, I was wrongly registered for the coaching instead of the certificate of fitness, but that was quickly rectified by Shireen I think, and luckily, I did not miss anything or jeopardized anything relating to my studies.

I am very fond of the dashboard as it is user-friendly, reminds you of assignments, tests, announcements etc. The tutor Aubrey Stout was very helpful. He would respond swiftly to my numerous questions and assist via online chats.

So far I had a great experience which will come to an end in November. Thank you, eta Distance Learning, for giving me quality education!”

– Regards, Bernadette.

“I am over the moon with my results! It has been an exceptional journey these past couple of months and I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that I have not only learned a great deal from this course, but have also discovered a new found respect for the fitness industry as well as the opportunities which it presents.

You are a truly wonderful tutor, Monique, and it has been an incredible privilege to have worked alongside you throughout the duration of this course. Thank you for always going above and beyond to make sure that we understand the work and for always being available should we have any questions.

Your constructive critique has always been greatly appreciated as it has helped to grow tremendously in my approach and application of my newly acquired knowledge. You are an absolute star!!”

– Claire Van Vuren | Personal Training Distance Learning

“Good day Janice, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and eta as I have learned a great deal through eta College’s Distance learning program. I still use the notes and templates from previous assignments and CASS assessments to assist me with running an amateur club now. I would definitely do it all again but only difference I would manage my time better. I honestly struggled in the second year especially after the college switched a paperless system, but then got into it. Thank you for setting me on course for achieving my life goals and dreams, Kindest regards” – Kabelo

“The specialisation courses are a great experience for someone looking to further their knowledge and abilities. They will test you; physically and mentally (maybe even emotionally) but when you are done it’s all worth it. The new skill you have learnt is one that you can use alone or with another qualification and puts you in a great position to assist others. The students and attending lecturer make the experience unforgettable and enjoyable. With a range of courses to choose from, it’s difficult to pick one. ;)”

– Sean Quin
(Speed, agility and quickness, Sports massage, Primal movement, Yoga instructor, Sports Conditioning)

“My time as an eta Distance Learning student has been as follows:

My two years have been good. eta Distance Learning department has been an excellent experience, the tutor has been excellent in helping me out with where I did not understand what to do, would always take her time to try explain in the best way possible which was a great help in me doing well, the management of eta DL has been great as well, as well as very helpful and patient and yet also understanding which is a good thing.

The responsiveness whether it be queries or just general work-based advice has been great, they respond as soon as they can. The eta Connect student study portal has been very efficient and easy to use and is always a great thing because there’s not one time I got confused on what was required of me to been done. The standard that eta Distance Learning upholds is great and will be a great help for any student enrolled to the college.”

Thanks, Kirsten

“As you know I will be 58 at the end of March, and on the 15th of January 2021, I had trained myself for 40 years. Thanks to the “ETA LOGBOOK” lol, I had to find a way and means of seeing 2020 through. It wasn’t easy as the gym is my “go to” happy place, and due to the Pandemic, I was locked in my home for months on end… alone. This is where and when I learnt the beauty of stretching! Yip mind, body and soul.

I knew a lot with regard to training, but clearly NOT enough once I started this course. I was sceptical given my age, to start studying something new. Ps I passed with distinction…so stoked. And this was purely due to the persistence and dedication of the assessors in Cape Town, who gave fair and honest feedback, the passionate way Aubrey conducted the zoom sessions – yes, I had to learn how to zoom – and the absolute fun learning when we could return to campus. Liam was always entertaining. We laughed a lot and were able to put into practice that that Aubrey had discussed. We also had fun zoom sessions with Liam during the months we couldn’t attend class.

ETA pushed me to fall in love with all sorts of training, areas and paths I would never have ventured into. Thanks to the “Logbook” I realised the importance of stretching, both dynamic and static, something which I now offer as part of my hourly training session. With this in mind, my training sessions are often 90 minutes long… yip… and my clients love it. No, I don’t overwork them, we do it all, from warm up, some cardio, body weight exercises, cool down, and 15 minutes of full body stretching. When they leave their workout, they are so relaxed, and often their response is that they feel like they have been to the day spa after their work out! We work at 60% MHR chatting all the while which has encouraged some clients to up their game from once or twice a week to four to five times. I have now created a need and a why AND customer care… lol Aubrey! Most important these sedentary people are seeing results weekly!! Now that inspires me..

The open door policy at ETA allowed someone like me, who was not too computer literate, and definitely not into selfies and home videos, to blossom into this mean machine with regard to technology, videos and pics. ETA is now so instilled in me, I return back to my original WHO WHAT WHERE WHEN WHY that assisted me all these years in sales.
I have made a friend for life in Ishie, one of my peers, and his wife, we chat often and offer each other advice during our PT journey.

To those who fell off the bus for whatever reason, the Pandemic can only be one – which was overcome by ETA’s staff and management…. YOU DIPPED OUT BIG TIME. This course would set you up either in business or alternatively to ensure that going forward with your training, you would never need a personal trainer to assist you. Even if you did not continue training, you would need the fundamentals of this course to assist YOU with your posture, where all life’s little niggles begin. I spend a large part of training my clients on posture and muscle activation, resulting in little to no aches and pains. From back ache, to knee pain.

I have resolved health issues I had thanks to the Nutrition module, which was not my favourite, to my upper ab cramp due to having a 6 pack for years and stiff hip flexors. These are real life issues that sends your client to the physio – who by the way could not resolve my issues, and I had been to two and a chiropractor, two GP’s, two physicians, eventually landing up at a Endocrinologist.

After having doors closed in my face because of my age (I had to pack in my very successful career due to stress)….I now have a very prosperous business in the making. FOR THIS I THANK YOU ETA!”

– PTR student

“Being a student at Eta College is really awesome. I am really amazed by how easy it is studying using the online platform because im getting all the support needed, the service they offer is on point.

Im studying health and wellness which fits perfectly with my brand as I am a person that’s promotes healthy living, I am passionate about fitness and health and I decided to pursue my career in health and wellness with the best institution, @etacollege provide a wide range of courses and they are well recognized. “

– Lehboh’s

“Good day Janice,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and eta as I have learned a great deal through eta College’s Distance learning program. I still use the notes and templates from previous assignments and CASS assessments to assist me with running an amateur club now. I would definitely do it all again but only difference I would manage my time better.

I honestly struggled in the second year especially after the college switched a paperless system, but then got into it. Thank you for setting me on course for achieving my life goals and dreams, Kindest regards”

– Kabelo

“The 3 Comparison photo’s: From a young age, Calista struggled with her weight and self-image, as she had a compulsive eating disorder, that lead to her weight gain to 115kg at the age of 16 years old. Her Fitness Journey started from the age of 17, when they moved to George. She started training at Virgin Active, and met Herschelle Jantjies (George eta Alumni Student)(UltraFITT). Herschelle saw the potential in her, as he mentioned that he can see her on the front page of a Fitness Magazine. At this stage, (115kg) she didn’t think that it would be possible, and brushed it off. Herschelle (UltraFITT) as the Specialist in the field, saw her potential and offered to assist her with any fitness guidance. This led Calista to Johan du Doit (Intensity Training, Fitness, Nutrition & Clothing) regarding guidance to Nutrition, and weigh ins. Unfortunately as we all know our bodies are different, you will need to experiment with different eating plans, to ensure that you find the right one. February 2019 Calista started with Johan’s program. The weight loss was only 2kg per week for a month, as after each month the eating program was amended.

Calista also tried Keto, and that also didn’t work. In September 2019, they compiled an eating program that successfully worked with her, and lead her to losing 50kg from August 2019- January 2020. That lead to Anorexia in March 2020, as the weight loss was too much for the body to consume such a big change. March 2020 Calista also started over training as she trained 3 times per day for 7 days a week, not taking any Recovery days. This lead to fatigue, and all the other signs and symptoms going with that. She fell and broke her Coccyx, without knowing, and just kept on training through it all. Calista is grateful for her mother that assisted her through this time, and saw that Calista needed more guidance, a Psychologist. She was advised to gain weight again, to ensure that her body works optimally again. This though as we all know causes an emotional roller coaster as weight is decreasing and need to fluctuate at the same time. December 2020 Calista picked up weight again, and then lost a bet between friends, and this lead to her training and prepping for her 1st Body Building competition, due to COVID it was cancelled twice, and had to adjust and go back to the drawing board.

Within Calista’s 2nd Year Experiential Logbook Hours, workplace experience 80hours, she completed her Workplace Agreement at Just Fitness Gym, where she met Kenneth Vermaak (George eta Alumni Student). That lead her to the 1st competition 25 September 2021 in Mosselbay called the IBF South Cape Spring Classic Garden Route. She achieved a 2nd place in beach bikini. After this event Calista started preparing for the next 4 weeks again, as it was the Eye Candy NPC in Cape Town. Calista also took part in the Beach Bikini U/23, and achieved a 4th place. She qualified for NPC World Wide Africa Championships, that is taking place the 4th December 2021 in Johannesburg.

Calista is preparing very hard currently for this upcoming event, as if she places, this would give her access to her PRO Card and could go and compete Internationally. Calista Serfontein completed her Higher Certificate in Fitness in 2020, and is currently completing her 2nd Year in Advanced Certificate in Sports Conditioning at the George eta College.”

– Tessa Kruger (Campus Manager / George)

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