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RPL - Category 3

RPL For Access

You are invited to complete the RPL for Access process which is specifically designed for those students who have not been able to meet the minimum requirements for access. This means that for whatever reason, your latest formal qualification was not at the level required for access here. This assessment process, even though it may require some time and input on your part, will enable you with another opportunity to gain access into the qualification that you desire at eta.

We make use of an online application process in partnership with an external assessment and moderation provider in order to make this process happen. This online platform will provide you with step by step instructions on how to complete the process before booking your final assessments and interview at eta.

Please ensure that the course that you are applying for suits your career interests and needs. It is further of vital importance that you fully understand what the course content entails and that once completing the course it will enable you to access the career opportunities that you seek. If you are still unsure about your course choices and the associated careers that you may gain access to once successfully completing your qualifications, we strongly advise you at this stage to speak to your student advisor before continuing with this process. This could be in the forms of a consultation around your career needs and expectations with an eta student advisor.

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