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Chris – Sport Massage

I enjoy Sports Massage because it is used to help prevent injuries, as you learn about both injury management and treatment. Sports Massage is often used to prepare the body for exercise, as well as to treat the body after it has been through the extensive pressure and stress of athletic activity.

Sport Massage has three basic forms: pre-event, post-event and maintenance massage which all help to maintain the body in optimal condition, and bring about speedy recovery after workouts or injuries caused on the field.

On the course you can look forward to various focus areas such as the history, origin, principles and benefits and also the appropriate methods and techniques associated with Sports Massage. Learning more about Sport Massage has sparked my interested in knowing more about my own body, and I enjoy the anatomy and physiology components of the course. It is interesting to learn about how this scientific knowledge is beneficial when doing Sports Massage.

Sports Massage can open up many avenues or career paths and provides the opportunity to work with athletes in any sporting profession regardless of their level of fitness. This can aid you to open up your own business, and work from your own space or see clients in the comfort of their homes. Whilst doing sports massage you could look at a career opportunity as a professional masseuse or Professional Massage Therapist. An Interesting fact is many Sports Massage therapists will also align athletic trainer as the two generally work closely with each other.

The average time spent doing the course is 6-8 hours per week over a 3 month period in which you will cover your learning hours, tasks, assignments and a practical component. All hours are to be recorded in your logbook which guides you, as the student, on your progress.

Shereen – Primal Movement

What do you enjoy most about this course?

Getting down on the ground challenging my body. Primal Movement exercises make me to feel like a kid again; they are fun and an amazing workout. 

What are the key learnings/ focus areas that students can look forward to?

  • How to relieve pressure on the spine
  • Improving posture and strengthen core
  • Training anywhere, anytime and without the requirement of gym equipment

What career paths does it set students up for?

The student will be able to run group exercises classes at gyms, make use of their skills for boot camps, training at schools or sports clubs for clients at any level while also providing a unique training experience.

How many hours/ week will the average student spend working on this course?

The course itself is a short duration but if this is something you’re really passionate about and enjoy doing you will want to learn more daily and even practice the exercises in your training schedule. Anywhere from 6-10hours a week is always a good base to start at.

Anything else to add/ mention that may get students excited

This form of training not only improves strength, posture and flexibility with the added benefit of relieving stress. Very few instructors offer this and will provide you with a very individually styled and key selling point of your skills when finding work exposure.



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