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Shannette – Fitness Instructor

What do you enjoy most about this course?

It’s a great course to gain entry into the Fitness industry and I love the balance between theory and practical.

What are the key focus areas that students can look forward to?

Anatomy and Physiology: You will learn how to apply basic knowledge of anatomy and physiology in the context of exercise and teaching exercise sessions.  This will enable you to lead safe and effective exercise sessions.

Exercise Screening:  You will be taught how to conduct basic health and lifestyle screening assessments and fitness skills assessments to determine the physical readiness of participants.

Fitness Facility Orientation: You will be taught how to supervise and oversee the use of a fitness facility and the equipment. Leading Exercise Sessions: You will be taught how to instruct a variety of pre-planned sessions and classes.

What career paths does it set students up for?

Fitness Instructor in a Fitness facility

How many hours per week will the average student spend working on this course?

The course is made up of four modules, each consisting of tasks that need to be completed. This would require approximately 8 – 10 hours per week of study, task completion and practice.

There are also approximately 60 practical hours that need to be completed.  This would be approximately 2.5 hours per week.

Anything else to add/ mention that may get students excited?

If you enjoy the fitness industry, but have limited time and resources this is a great way to get started.

Nicole – Pilates Mat

What do you enjoy most about this course?

Pilates is such a lovely, holistic form of exercise. It teaches you to become aware of your body, how it moves and how it balances. It also teaches you to focus on breathing and control.

What are the key learnings that students can look forward to?

Learning how to achieve all of the above in their own bodies and then being able to teach future clients the same thing. There is a lovely focus on the body (anatomy and physiology) but also on a wide variety of exercises in the Pilates repertoire.

What career paths does it set students up for?

You could find yourself expanding a current offering (as a personal trainer) to include Pilates exercises, teaching and practice.

You could work in a gym or at a Pilates specific studio. Or you could open up your own studio!

How many hours/ week will the average student spend working on this course?

6 to 8 hours per week should be a great start to getting through the course and giving you time to do practical sessions as well.

Anything else to add/ mention that may get students excited?

This really is a wonderful form of exercise that you get to share with others – how awesome is that.

Leigh – Aerobics, Steps and Tone.

I enjoy the Aerobics, Step and Tone course because I know I will be able to be a aerobics instructor once I have completed the Short Course through eta Online.

I always had a passion for exercise and dancing, so when I heard that I could be employed at a gym to do aerobics for all ages it inspired me to complete the course and instruct classes. There were many things I enjoyed about the course, but my favourite part was doing my practical demonstration, which allowed me to instruct a class by putting all my theory into use. The practical demonstration made me feel awesome.

The key learning areas of the course consist of two modules that you will cover in the five month. The first module you will have to complete is Anatomy and Physiology for Exercise Instructors and the second module will be, Exercise to Music: Aerobics, Step and Tone. These two modules will guide you in how to instruct and what not to do.

This course will give you the knowledge and skills to work as a group exercise instructor (aerobics, step and tone) in a range of fitness or leisure facilities. The course provides you with up to date and well-researched principles of exercise science along with practical learning that will give you the skills to take up work as an Aerobics Instructor immediately.

When researching the career opportunities I learnt that I would be a qualified aerobics instructor, which would allow me to work in gyms and create my own classes.

When doing this course I had to put in a minimum of four hours a week.

This course is doable for anyone who has a passion for exercise, music and dancing. Whether you a stay at home mother or have an 8-5 job, by putting in at least 4 hours a week you will be able to be an Aerobics Instructor after just five months.



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