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Blog 4_November (Less Stress, More Success)

Less Stress, More Success: How Smart Technology Is Transforming Student Living

Less Stress, More Success: How Smart Technology Is Transforming Student Living

Blog 4_November (Less Stress, More Success)

Between studying, socializing, and exercising, student life can get pretty hectic. But smart technology promises to make things as stress-free as possible for students. In fact, 86% of college-aged millennials are willing to pay one-fifth more for a smart apartment, according to Schlage and Wakefield Research. Whether it’s a smart shower, coffee maker, or voice assistant, smart devices can be synced up together to take care of your every need. Your life, therefore, runs more efficiently and you have more time to get things done!

Greater convenience

Smart home tech can improve student lifestyles and even their health. Smart fridges alert when food’s running low and countdown to each item’s use-by date. Some smart kitchen appliances devise recipes based on ingredients in the fridge or pantry, as well as create shopping lists based on previous shopping habits. Additionally, smart washers are beneficial in shared student accommodation as an app alerts students when the machine’s free. Moreover, lights can be controlled via smartphones and set to switch on and off at certain times, therefore reducing electricity bills. Automated robot vacuums take care of the cleaning while you study, and voice assistants can order food, turn on the shower, answer study questions, and even read to you.

Improved security

Smartlocks can boost security for students and ensure peace of mind. They eliminate the risk of lockouts and the need for physical sets of keys. Smartlocks connect to a smartphone app which can lock and unlock doors from afar with a unique access code. So, when you leave for class in the morning and worry you forgot to lock the door, you can just simply do it through your app. Smartlocks can also authorize access for numerous people at once, so roommates aren’t a problem.

The downsides to smart tech

At the moment, student accommodation fitted with smart technology is pricier to rent — which is obviously a barrier if you’re strapped for cash. There’s also cause for concern regarding privacy. Landlords may able to see or hear tenants, depending on the type of smart home tech installed. Moreover, landlords may have control over specific aspects of your apartment like lighting and water. If you rent a smart apartment, make sure you’re clear on how the devices work and who controls which features.

Ultimately, student accommodation outfitted with the latest smart tech gives students greater control and less to worry about. Not only will your place be safer and cleaner, but your coffee will always be ready and waiting after late night study sessions. In turn, your time’s freed up to study, socialize, and better take care of your health and fitness.

Written by: Jane Sandwood


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