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In today’s feature we chatting to Chipasha Kaoma, he attended one of our recent Virgin Active Learnerships and answered some questions below on his experience!

Background (age, where you live, some background information): My current age is 23, i currently live in Randburg Fontainebleau, I work at Bel Air Virgin Active and I have been with Virgin Active for 2 years and 5 months, but I will be leaving the company on the last day of October to go and work on the Steiner cruise ship.

What were you doing before you studied at eta College? I was a Receptionist within Virgin Active before I was given the privilege to study with and through eta College to obtain my course.

What course did you study with eta College? I studied a Fitness Certificate Course through eta College.

Did you enjoy the course? Can you tell us a bit about your experience? Yes I enjoyed the course, there were days when it got tough but this course in particular made me realize that if it’s not tough then it’s not worth fighting for. A clear example is how I struggled on the Anatomy module in the beginning, I would always fail the class tests till I told myself that it wasn’t difficult, I had to just change my mind set and towards the end of the course I was one of the highest students for that module.

How do you feel the course has benefited you? The course has benefited me in the sense that it has brought a lot of opportunities to my doorstep that I never thought were meant for me, a clear example is me leaving for the Steiner cruise ship in November. It has also expanded my knowledge within the gym environment as opposed to when I started.

What are your career goals and did the course help you achieve them?  My career goals were to expand and broaden my knowledge within the fitness industry, as well as be given a chance to give back, and be one of the chosen candidates to one day join the Steiner cruise team one day and it’s finally come true.

What does your future look like? My future looks very bright, and why I say this is, because last year I applied to work for one of Virgin Actives Classic collection Clubs name Alice Lane, I attended an interview three consecutive times, only to be given an excuse 3 times on why I wouldn’t fit well in a Classic Club. This year on the 14th of August 2019 I got a call asking me if I am still keen on working for Alice Lane and I agreed, I also got a call from Randburg Virgin Active, because they had heard for my hardworking pace within my Club that I was at for 2 years and 5 months which is Bel Air Virgin Active. I also went for an interview on the 17th of August 2019 for the Steiner cruise ship and I got the job.


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