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But what is sport management actually?

In my time as an educator I have often taken on the role of a career guidance counsellor to try and point an undecided student in the right direction.

It seems that sport management has become a generic term that covers all aspects of the sport, fitness and coaching industry.

But it’s not that simple, is it?

Sport management is actually a very specific field and requires few of the skills necessary for coaching and fitness training.

The key differentiator for the sport manager is that they are involved in the conception, planning and implementation of events.

This is the essence of the sport management industry and all the subjects studied with eta Online prepare the student for this.

From basic business skills to sport product conceptualisation, proposal writing, sponsorship, branding, activations, project management, media, corporate social investment and more, our graduates have a unique perspective on what it takes to create truly special sporting events.

This is all about the business of sport, understanding why organisations are prepared to spend huge amounts of their marketing budgets on events and athletes. It’s all about brands wanting to share the sense of excitement, wellbeing and euphoria that only sport can create.

This is the modern sporting world in which events create the ideal promotional environment for companies to communicate their brand message to an enthralled audience. Make no mistake, this industry is not as glamorous as it may seem at first.

Anyone entering the field can prepare themselves for the unforgiving slog that is the reality of event management. But with the grind comes the satisfaction of being involved in the creation of sporting events that bring pleasure to so many people, whether they be participants, spectators, benefactors or sponsors.

If this sounds like the career for you, then a sport management qualification is your starting point.



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