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eta week 6 Aug

“Instead of thinking how you can change the world, try thinking of how you can change yourself ” Leo Tolstoy

Continuing with our strategic plan: eta Values

Our values represent our overarching culture and ethos. This means that everyone supports the same organisational values, acting accordingly and with consistency. The organisation does not disregard individual primary cultures.  Our guiding organisational values for eta are:

  1. Passion: Staff share a passion for teaching and for life-long learning. They demonstrate their passion by a visible inspiration and excitement for the eta
  2. Adaptability: We monitor worldwide changes in business and education, responding quickly to benefit from the positive and avoid the negative changes.
  3. Service excellence: Staff share a commitment to world-class service levels to our students, their sponsors, other staff, and stakeholders.
  4. Teamwork: We desire a positive sum game. Therefore, involvement in decision-making at all levels is encouraged; from senior management to students, with directors leading the process and making final decisions.
  5. Compliance: We comply with the laws of the countries in which we operate and the regulations that govern education and business practices. We expect compliance to our strategies and policies.
  6. Professionalism: We behave professionally. We reflect our eta brand of a vibrant sport and exercise college.
  7. Continuous improvement: We continuously improve our teaching and learning processes and resources as well as our systems that support these.
  8. Accountability: We implement what we said we would. We are accountable for our organisation’s results as well as our students’ engagement in learning and their performance.
  9. Eco guerrillas: We are aware of the natural environment and make choices that benefit the earth rather than damage it.
  10. Innovative approach: We are always looking for better, cost effective ways to thrive.
  11. Fun: We love what we do, finding enjoyment in our work.

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Omphile Dikgetsi, eta Graduate, is a Strength and Conditioning coach for Cricket SA and will be hosted by Dineo Pearl Modise

Hereby please find the link:


Dr Steve Harris eta College CEO



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