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No; a biokinetics degree falls under the medical scope of practice, and this will need to be done through a traditional university, as it is a 4 year degree, no longer a 3 year degree with Honours as it was in the past. Our degree covers working with the apparently health client, whereas Biokinetics involves rehabilitation. The eta bachelor of exercise covers the sport (conditioning) and exercise component.

Biokineticist can register with the HPCSA ( health professionals council of South Africa) and work within the rehabilitation scope of practice, a space that sport and exercise scientists cannot.

The bachelor of exercise focuses on the sport and exercise science field of study, whereas the bachelor of management focuses on the more administrative side of sport.

The bachelor of Exercise offers the following pathways: Fitness programme manager, Leisure manager, sports programme manager, Sports science conditioning specialist.

The Bachelor of management offers the following pathways: Athlete representation, sports agent, facility manager in sport and recreation, sport business manager, events manager, all within schools, sports clubs, sporting federations.

The eta Bachelor programmes require a bachelors pass for entry, however, no particular subject choices are required. As long as you are achieving a Bachelors pass, you have access to our Bachelor programmes.

The eta degrees are accredited exactly the same as that of a public university; through the department of education and the CHE ( Council of higher education).



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