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Coaching Science

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1. A comprehensive CV showing all positions held and work done in the fitness field. You should have a minimum of 3 years’ experience to be considered for RPL
2. Copies of certificates from coaching related courses and qualifications you have completed
3. Affidavits from athletes, coaches or supervisors that confirm your communication skills, your ability to work in a team or to lead a team, your coaching and motivation skills
4. Evidence of your own professional values and ethics in the form of a coach’s philosophy or a policy for your particular sport
5. An acknowledgement of the importance of inclusion for all in sport and ways in which you seek to integrate athletes from diverse backgrounds
6. A professional code of conduct which you use to set your own standards as well as set the standards for your team when it comes to appearance and behaviour on and off the field
7. A reflection on your methods of communication with your players, parents, management, sponsors, media
8. Evidence of your ability to use electronic communication methods. Tasks completed digitally on computer to enhance standard of communication (graphs, tables, MS Word, MS PowerPoint and MS Excel)
9. A variety of training programmes, including training goals and achievements
10. A minimum of 4 logs for fitness training sessions. These sessions are appropriately designed according to age and ability or competitive level and must all be different
11. Evidence of your knowledge of growth and development – specifically for younger athletes
12. All of the above reflect your knowledge of exercise science through their appropriateness for the particular age group and competitive standard
13. Evidence of your understanding of sport psychology and how you motivated your athletes, including the feedback that you gave them on their progress with their skill and fitness training
14. Strategies for anxiety management of players and team management to avoid conflict
15. Coaching plans or programmes for individuals and teams including detailed logs
16. Sport-specific conditioning programmes for individuals and teams including detailed logs
17. Any technical officiating or umpiring/refereeing experience or qualifications
18. Any coaching course from any sports federation at any level
19. HIV Aids policy written specifically for your sporting code and team. Also input into how this is implemented
20. Athlete health and safety and risk management policy and procedure specific to your team or athlete
21. Up to date First Aid and CPR qualifications
22. Evidence of your role in organising sports events, tournaments, tours showing your project management and scheduling skills
23. Your experience in working in conjunction with your sport federation or governing body, including correspondence between yourself and the organisation
24. An understanding of both the local and international sporting framework with notes on how local and international bodies interact and must be consulted
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