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Blog 3 Mar (Leadership)

Written by: Chris Phillips

Leadership and management are two different things. Management is telling your team what to do – Leadership is showing your team what to do.

Becoming a great fitness leader is a challenging task. You will always be developing yourself and adapting every day. Being a manager can be very rewarding and a privilege; you have the power to make decisions that affect a range of people and you can do this in a positive way or a negative way.

Creating the positive outcome from employees can be a tough task but leaders will achieve this. They will find out what their employees strive for, what will make them achieve the best results and enjoy it whilst doing so. It can be very easy to fall into the “Boss” side of management as it is generally less work for the manager. Whereas leaders will always take time with their employees, showing them ways on how to develop and improve themselves.

Time management is a critical aspect of being a fitness leader. When time is limited, planning your day with your team and what you will achieve with them should be in place. Someone that plans time with their employees to be constantly training them, developing them will be a great leader. This is why time management is vital. If you cannot take the time to be with your staff, you will never be a great leader.

Make the most of your role, inspire everyone to be great. You cannot control people’s emotions, but you can definitely spark them into wanting to follow you to do something great. If they carry the same interest in the subject, then they can be inspired by your enthusiasm and creativity. Anyone can give orders but only leaders can show a team their true potential.

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