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Blog 3_June (#ItsAJourneyBru!)

Written by: Riyaad Peters

Imagine, its Monday morning, 08h13, you’ve been up since 06h00, you find yourself at the main gates of the tertiary education institution you chose, with nothing else but the effects of your formal schooling structure, an apple and a passion for sport…

Well, this is what most students bring along on their first day, to eta College. Fantastic! Because what they don’t know, at that very moment, is that they’ve brought along perfect tools to start the Sports Management learning journey.

I am a Senior Sport, Recreation, Entertainment and Fitness Management lecturer at eta College Cape Town, but more importantly, I also consider myself to be the lucky Conductor who gets to interact with these passengers (students), in the eta College bus, whilst on their respective learning paths, as I too once stood at those gates, confused and almost teary…

Typically, each of us wants to be the best, at something, and ironically, these “bests” range from one extreme to the other. Two years ago, a student said, that after his one-year certificate, in sport management, that he’d like to apply to be the manager of Chelsea Football Club, and not the one in Portlands, Mitchells Plain. Funny enough, I accepted that goal whole heartedly and made a point of it to specifically remember his point, so that I could use it, as the starting point to my explanation, of how his idea isn’t at all insane!

My approach to my role at eta College, and my point, is simple. I see students as passengers, on a learning/personal growth mobile, all headed to different places eventually, but for this phase of their growth, and as part of their critical formal learning, are spending time with a select group of other passengers, who currently share similar thoughts, ideas, goals and or even plans. Then, for myself, I see a conductor, thought provoker, unconditional listener, conversation catalyst and an immediate support structure, on a free consultancy basis, of course, for each of these passengers who pass through my plastic chairs (and yes it is plastic, to mimic a bumpy ride, LOL).

I am far from the most knowledgeable in my field, not at all the most academic nor am I an extreme fitness freak, but I do believe that after a certain amount of engagement, on this ‘learning bus’, we can improve your way of thinking and sharpen your tools, so that by the time you jump off the eta College bus, you can apply all of this in your daily tasks.

Join us at eta College, enroll for Sport, Entertainment, Recreation and Fitness Management and board the Learning Bus, your one-way ticket to achieving YOUR goals…

See you soon…

Read some awesome comments students have made about Riyaad:

“In the beginning I started off being confused, my mind being all over the place, I didn’t know if I was coming or going”-Waylin Mervyn

“Riyaad is a very versatile, confident and knowledgeable individual. He makes it clear that there’s a time for everything, and always highlights that prioritizing is key”- Keenan Allies

“During my two-year journey at eta, I have become more involved in working in the sport industry. The course isn’t built around practical/physical activity, it provides good knowledge of how business in sport is operated and facilitated. The course is a very interactive learning phase, where more fundamental knowledge is taught and applied”- Uwen Petersen

“Sports Management course, is like a fish swimming in a pond waiting to be caught. The first fish to swim and take a bite, will be the one who gets exposed to the open world beyond a pond”-Paul Featherstone








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