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If you want to make an impact in the sports world, you made the right choice by enrolling at eta College. However, the truth is that there is still so much you don’t know, fitness myths you think exist, and you might be anxious about what the future holds. Will you be sufficiently qualified? Will you land the ultimate fitness job? Will you enjoy it?

The sports and coaching world is riddled with myths that trainers and athletes have perpetuated for many years. A lot of what is perceived or anticipated is not true at all! So how do you know what to really expect when you apply for that fitness job? Below are three fitness myths you should ditch before you even start looking for that golden career opportunity. This way you won’t limit yourself but still maintain realistic expectations.


Fitness myth 1: You have to be Michael Jordan

You’re at eta College because you have an affinity for sport and fitness in some way. You might be here because you want to be a coach, or a manager, or an athlete. Fortunately, to land a great fitness job you don’t have to be the next Michael Jordan for someone to take notice.

It’s important that you push yourself to your own limits, maintain a high level of fitness and stay abreast of industry news and changes, but being pro athlete isn’t a prerequisite. You should also know that not all sport industry jobs entail you running after the people you’re training. There are sport jobs with less sweat!

Fitness myth 2: Take a hike if you aren’t a manager or coach

Fitness jobs aren’t limited to those two titles: sports manager or sports coach. The options are almost endless! To name just a few, eta College graduates have gone on to form careers as personal trainers, yoga teachers, spinning instructors and aerobics teachers – and that’s really just the start.

The industry is not limited to a certain number of disciplines; it extends to sports marketing, public relations, research, education, sales and sports media. That’s not to say there is anything wrong with being a manager or a coach. If you are passionate about helping people realise their full potential through sport and fitness then perhaps coaching or management is for you, but they aren’t the only options.

Fitness myth 3: It’s one specialised way or the highway

You don’t have to specialise in one sport or even one discipline to have a successful fitness career. You can have a favourite sport without necessarily pursuing only that activity in building your career. You could be involved in several sports in different ways and create a diverse and rewarding career. For example, you could manage a small gym, do public relations for one or two teams and train a specific group of athletes in a particular sport all at the same time. Perhaps the sentiment is true that you make the job you want.

If you put your mind to it, ditch the fitness myths, and complete your course to the best of your abilities, you could land the fitness job you want. eta College offers a wide range of courses including, but not limited to, coaching and management. We also offer other specialisations to cater for all sports industry possibilities. If you missed the application deadline for a full certificate, diploma or degree in 2017, sign up for one of our short courses here and improve your skills in a specific field. Happy training!


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