Top Careers in the Sport and Fitness Industries

The world of sport and fitness is a dynamic and diverse space teeming with countless professions. It offers opportunities to those passionate about promoting health, improving performance, and motivating others. Here, we’ll delve into some of the most sought-after careers in the sport and fitness industries. Health and Wellness Coaching  Health and wellness coaching has grown exponentially in […]

How to Become a Sports Agent in South Africa

six youngsters in boardroom shaking hands

Are you a sports fanatic with dreams of diving into the thrilling world of sports representation?  Are you wondering where the best place is to start? With its vibrant sports industry and countless opportunities, South Africa is the perfect playground for aspiring sports agents like you. Let’s get ready to score big and learn how […]


Blog 3 Mar (Leadership)

Written by: Chris Phillips Leadership and management are two different things. Management is telling your team what to do – Leadership is showing your team what to do. Becoming a great fitness leader is a challenging task. You will always be developing yourself and adapting every day. Being a manager can be very rewarding and a […]

How to get supporters to stadiums on game day

Blog 3 August How to get supporters to stadiums on game day

The improvement of the home viewing experience has challenged sports teams (franchisees) to think about how they can better draw their audiences to the stadium. Would you rather stay at home on game day and watch the action from the couch? Or would you rather be part of the experience? “Taking steps to incentivise fans […]

A Case of Sports for Development

A Case of Sports for Development

In the twenty first century and more specifically over the past decade the reach of sports has transcended the perceptual boundaries where sports was seen as just a game being played for competition or enjoyment. Today a game of soccer, rugby, cricket etc. is no longer just a competition between two teams. Today these games […]

The truth unpacked

Blog 4_June (The truth unpacked)

Written by: Luzuko Ndiko The sport industry is a market in which people, business, and organisations are involved in producing, facilitating, promoting, or organizing activities, experiences, or business enterprises focused on sports. The highly competitive field of sports management provides many business opportunities or exciting careers for those individuals whose interests lies in this field.Sports management professionals work as team managers, athletic directors, sports agents, […]

Million-dollar couch potatoes

Blog 2_June (Million-dollar couch potatoes)

Written by David Pope Sport and recreation as a concept or industry is something which is far from static and seems to be exponentially growing and changing. Sport and recreation as a business is also a concept at the forefront of change.  Is the idea of a ‘couch potato’ a viable career path? Should we […]

The art of athlete representation

Written by: Auldrin Julies “Show me the money”, a phrase that resonates in the mind of every person when you hear the name Jerry McGuire.  In an industry where fame and fortune rules, we often forget about those who work tirelessly in the background to make it all happen. So many athletes and sport stars across […]

Short courses: stay on top of your game

You don’t train long and hard to fall short; complete a short course alongside your workouts and stand tall when you realise your full potential. With a little hard work and a pinch of perseverance, you’ll be able to hold your head high knowing you’ve raised the bar – all by yourself! eta College offers […]

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