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How The Beep Test Works in Fitness Testing

two men running on curved road, with cones as markers on the ground

Fitness testing is an essential aspect of measuring and improving physical performance. Among various fitness tests, the beep test stands out for its simplicity and effectiveness.  In this article, we’ll examine the nuances of the beep test, its relevance in fitness assessment, and practical tips on training for it. Understanding the beep test can significantly […]

The Ultimate Guide to Personal Trainer Forms

One hand passing a pen to another person, with contract in the other hand

Launching your career as a personal trainer can be both thrilling and challenging. We’re reasonably certain, though, that you didn’t anticipate quite so much paperwork! However, a crucial aspect of this profession involves understanding and utilising various personal trainer forms effectively. These documents are not just paperwork; they are the backbone of a structured and […]

What Is the Difference Between Aerobic and Anaerobic Exercise?

Aerial shot of weightlifter's legs and barbell

Did you know that by 2025, the global fitness and health club industry is projected to reach a staggering value of $96.6 billion? This colossal figure highlights the ever-growing interest in exercise and wellbeing.  A hotly debated topic in this sphere are aerobic and anaerobic exercises – key elements in the fitness journey. But what […]

Tips for keeping fit over the holidays

The holiday season is here, and we all know what that means: cozy sweaters, twinkling lights, and a festive feast that could feed a small army! While the holidays are a time for merriment and indulgence, they often leave us with a little extra love – around our waistlines. However, with a dash of creativity […]

How to Gain Practical Experience in Sports and Fitness after College

Navigating the sports and fitness world after college can be daunting. It’s vital to gain practical experience to thrive. Fortunately, myriad avenues exist for eager graduates. Internships and entry-level roles offer a solid foundation. Additionally, volunteering provides unparalleled insights. Beyond that, professional organizations present myriad growth opportunities. Continual learning is key; certifications can propel your career forward. […]

Why Fitness Professionals Need to Understand Body Types

Three women in exercise gear standing at a brick wall

Have you ever marvelled at why some can feast on desserts without a care while others merely glance at a pastry and go up a dress size? It’s not just luck; it’s the fascinating realm of body types.  While it might sound like a casual topic for a Friday night trivia quiz, understanding body types […]

Pain Management for Athletes: The Importance of Understanding Your Options

Almost one in five South African adults have chronic pain. For those who play sports on the regular, experiencing chronic pain can certainly make things more difficult, though you don’t have to give up your love for the game when looking to successfully manage your pain. From the importance of understanding your pain, your options for pain […]

Caffeine for improved performance: All you need to know

Caffeine for improved performance

Caffeine for improved performance: All you need to know It’s the most used stimulant in the world, and, being a big fan of caffeine, I think it earns its status. Aside from helping most of us get through the day, when used correctly caffeine has wide-ranging benefits, including in the gym or on the field. So, let’s […]

What Is Cardiovascular Fitness, and How Do You Improve It?

female running with sunset background

Ever tried racing your mates up a few flights of stairs only to be left wheezing while they’re barely breaking a sweat? Or perhaps you’ve felt that burning desire to go the extra mile on the football pitch but found your lungs begging for mercy? It’s not just about the energy drinks or the latest […]

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