How Education Can Help Advance Your Career

How Education Can Help Advance Your Career | How Education Can Help Advance Your Career | Eta College

How Education Can Help Advance Your Career Self-improvement is the cornerstone of modern living. Stagnation and settling for familiarity are reserved for the ones who do not dare to put their potential to the test.  And it’s okay. Each has its own life path. For the rest of us, we have work to do. Now, […]

The Importance of Sports Massage Therapy

The Importance Of Sports Massage Therapy 1 | The Importance Of Sports Massage Therapy | Eta College

The Importance Sports Massage Therapy Lots of young athletes refuse to take advantage of sports massage therapy even if it is offered to them for free. It can seem like a waste of time. Or, if you are paying for it, money. However, such massages can help immensely improve the quality of life and competitiveness […]

The Sporting Industry – An industry within many industries

Cruise Liner

A while back, I was a student at eta. I completed a Higher Certificate in Fitness that opened up my opportunities to work in the sporting industry. This course is a one-year course, filled with both theoretical and practical content. This gave me a wide range of skills that I practiced in order to enter […]

Gill Mckay | Career in Personal Training

G Mckay Career | Gill Mckay | Career In Personal Training | Eta College

I am writing today, not because I am not busy, but rather because I have been so motivated and inspired by the people who have come into my life recently. Thanks to ETA College, I completed a Personal Training certificate during Covid in 2020 with all its limitations.  Like everyone Globally, I was cut off […]

Why Functional Fitness is the Core of CrossFit Training

Blog_June (Functional Fitness)

Written by: Lorinda Visagie As a Certified CrossFit Level 1 coach and Sport specific conditioner, functional fitness has completely changed the game on how we condition different sporting codes and recreational individuals. Functional fitness in CrossFit per definition states: “increased work capacity, across broad time and modal domains” thus “constantly varied, functional movements performed at high […]

Fit after your C-section

Blog_May (C Section)

Written by: Annéke da Silva Yes – you are actually allowed to do exercise after a C-section, but doing it at the right time and doing the right exercises is what’s crucial. I have some tips and tricks of how soon you can start and what is considered safe after your C-section. First things first Healing […]

What you need to know about Pilates – FAQ’s

Blog_Apr (Pilates Faq)

Many people believe Yoga and Pilates to be the same? They are in fact very different. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Pilates. What is Pilates? Pilates is a method of exercise developed by Joseph Pilates. It is a full body workout, focusing on strength and flexibility training methods. Pilates focuses […]

Pilates – what you need to know

Blog March 1 (Pilates)

Written by: Danielle Hattingh I can remember walking out of my first Pilates class, puzzled and confused. It was only after a couple more classes, two additional courses and a few years experience that I really appreciated it for what it is. All good and well for a Pilates instructor, but what about the person […]

The importance of physical activity for the elderly

Blog 2_January (The Importance Of Physical Activity For The Elderly)

Written by: Helene Malan With the average age of humans living longer  – it is nothing new to find many centenarians today – quality of life for the elderly becomes more important than ever.  Physical activity has many benefits but alarmingly some research reports that only one in four people between the ages of 65 and […]

The importance of strength training in young and old

Blog 3_December (Strength Training)

Written by: Lorinda Visagie Strength training is a key factor in the world of sport specific conditioning. This significant training stimulus is not only important in the professional performance domain of athletes but also to every day individuals that want to accomplish a well-balanced, healthy body. Strength training has become an integral part of an […]