Pain Management for Athletes: The Importance of Understanding Your Options

Almost one in five South African adults have chronic pain. For those who play sports on the regular, experiencing chronic pain can certainly make things more difficult, though you don’t have to give up your love for the game when looking to successfully manage your pain. From the importance of understanding your pain, your options for pain […]

Springboks Coaching Spotlight: The Journey of Jacques Nienaber

rugby ball on grass

Picture this: a sun-drenched rugby field in South Africa, young players running about, dreams of glory shining in their eyes. Among them is Jacques, not as the famed “Springboks coach” we know today, but as an aspiring lad with a passion for the game.  Surprisingly, his first official role wasn’t shouting tactics from the sidelines […]

What Is the Difference Between Coaching and Mentoring?

coaching tactics board

In your quest to carve a niche for yourself in the fitness industry, you’ve no doubt stumbled upon the terms “coaching” and “mentoring” more times than you’ve heard “No pain, no gain.”  But what is the real difference between coaching and mentoring? Is there even one, or are these just fancy buzzwords that burly gym […]

Top Careers in the Sport and Fitness Industries

The world of sport and fitness is a dynamic and diverse space teeming with countless professions. It offers opportunities to those passionate about promoting health, improving performance, and motivating others. Here, we’ll delve into some of the most sought-after careers in the sport and fitness industries. Health and Wellness Coaching  Health and wellness coaching has grown exponentially in […]

What is Coaching Science?

Female coach instructing 3 ladies

Imagine standing at the helm of a sports team, guiding an athlete’s progress, strategising victories, and learning from losses. Have you ever considered a career that lies at this thrilling intersection of sports, science, and mentoring? If you’re nodding, it’s time to unlock the mystique behind the question that’s been sitting in your mind: “What […]

The multi-talented health and fitness coach

Blog_July (Multi func Fitness Coach)

You might be wondering to yourself, “What does it take to be a successful Personal trainer”? The answer is more complex than you think. When we hear the term “Personal trainer”, we mostly always picture a super-fit, good-looking individual instructing some poor soul to do some kind of complicated exercise in the gym. There is […]

Why Functional Fitness is the Core of CrossFit Training

Blog_June (Functional Fitness)

Written by: Lorinda Visagie As a Certified CrossFit Level 1 coach and Sport specific conditioner, functional fitness has completely changed the game on how we condition different sporting codes and recreational individuals. Functional fitness in CrossFit per definition states: “increased work capacity, across broad time and modal domains” thus “constantly varied, functional movements performed at high […]

Fit after your C-section

Blog_May (C section)

Written by: Annéke da Silva Yes – you are actually allowed to do exercise after a C-section, but doing it at the right time and doing the right exercises is what’s crucial. I have some tips and tricks of how soon you can start and what is considered safe after your C-section. First things first Healing […]

How Modern Society has masked sport coaches in darkness

Blog 2 MAR (Modern Society)

Written by: Shereen Smith  Nowadays sport coaching has become so complex due to the effects of social media and crime, with drastic restrictions placed upon any video or photographic evidence as well as physical contact.  This is why it is essential that all sport coaches enforce a responsible coaching stance. This initiative is starting to take […]

The contradiction of LTPD

Blog 1 December The contradiction of LTPD

Written by: Shereen Smith Many sporting federations globally have realized the importance of Long-Term Programme Development to ensure the growth and grooming of world class athletes to represent their Nations in the competitive world and ultimately bring home the Trophy or gold medal. However, the problem comes in with the execution of these well laid out […]

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