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Starting a new chapter at eta College might seem like a daunting prospect. So much is up in the air at the start of a new year and now you have to walk into a place you’ve never been and spend time with people you’ve never met. But guess what? You’re going to make it. In fact, you’re going to love it! Yes, some parts are going to be hard, but this new chapter will open so many doors and expose you to possibilities you probably didn’t even know were there.

We’ve put together five tips that will help you adjust to these changes. They’ll help you become a better you as you pursue a career in sport and fitness:

1 Why start now?

You’re most likely to be starting a new chapter at eta College because you’ve finished school and are looking to pursue a career in sport. Yes? It’s good to be aware of why a chapter is starting because then you are prepared for some of what it will bring. You have finished school – that chapter is over. You are starting tertiary education – that chapter is beginning. Welcome it.


What’s going on in your head?

“It’s too hard.” “I don’t have a clue what else to do.” These are often things we tell ourselves when we’re starting something new. However, they often aren’t helpful. Yes, a new chapter is hard because it’s unknown. Yes, you might now know what else to do but this is a start. If you have a passion for sport and fitness, then you do have a clue – which is why you’re joining eta College.

3 Do you need to reinvent yourself?

There are many things that will change as you start this new chapter at eta College. Does that mean you have to completely reinvent yourself? No. You are who you are and while that will evolve it doesn’t require you to do a radical makeover. Part of this next chapter will be discovering more about yourself, what makes you tick and what you can offer the world. Embrace it and let it flow naturally. Enjoy the journey and don’t worry about what will happen at the end of your course just yet.

4 What? When? How? Where? Why?

Don’t overanalyse. You’ll be exhausted and work up a level of anxiety that isn’t healthy for anyone. In this time of change, you need to focus as much of your energy as possible on being the best version of you, rather than get stressed about things you can’t control. Talk to people who are also starting new chapters, read sports and college blogs, ask questions. But don’t let that spiral into a tornado of needing to control every step of the way.

5 Are you prepared to be surprised?

When you start a new chapter you might find things you didn’t know were there – strengths and skill you didn’t know you had. That said, you might also discover unwanted character traits that you don’t want. Both of these are good things because they allow you to develop personally and shape the person you want to become – for you and not for anyone else. As part of this new chapter at eta College, you’ll make new friends but you’ll also need to rely on old friends to help you out when you are surprised.

If you have any questions about this chapter you’re beginning email We’re here for you every step of the way.



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