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Have you been killing it in the gym but still not seeing any results? You’ve probably fallen victim to some common fitness myths popular amongst millennials. Because we have access to so much information, our beliefs regarding fitness and health change almost weekly, while the simple, original beliefs are still the ones we should stick to.

Avoid these myths to achieve your goals this year:

The more you sweat, the more you burn

Your body uses sweat as a way to cool down your skin and regulate internal body temperatures. This means sweat might just be the result of your weight, an overheated gym or the type of exercise you’re doing. Even if you’ve only got 30 minutes to exercise a day, it’s still good to get active; you don’t have to sweat for hours to burn some calories.


More isn’t always better

The key to keeping your body healthy and free from injuries is to make sure you schedule in rest days to give your body time to recover – even if you are a professional. For your body to keep on improving, it needs to heal every now and then to build up strength. Schedule in rest periods in your weekly routine or take a break by going for a casual walk instead of to the gym.

It’s okay to give up your sleep

Millennials are all about working all day, partying all night and surviving on only caffeine when necessary. Research has shown that most people who sleep less than seven hours a night are more likely to gain weight. Even if you are busy and it’s a struggle to fit in work, socialising and exercise, always make sure you get enough sleep.

Lifting weights will bulk you up

This one is for the ladies. Using heavy dumbbells won’t make you end up looking bulky. When you pick up heavy things and eat healthy, your muscles get stronger and your body starts to burn the fat on top of your muscle. This will give you that toned look you’re after. Studies have shown that resistance training only makes women stronger, leaner, and healthier and what it does to your physique is completely up to you.

Just eat less to lose the weight

Yes, eating less will help you lose weight initially. However, our bodies need real food, and they need enough of it to operate as they should. The key to losing weight through your diet is healthy and quality food combined with the right workout routine.

If you have a passion to help people become fit, healthy and strong, have a look at our short courses. If you have any fitness myths to add to this list, share them with us and your fellow students so we can make 2017 a healthy one, together!


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