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Written by: Aubrey Stout


The relationship between a tutor and a student can be an interesting one to say the least. The tutor and student relationship is of critical importance to ensure a successful and enjoyable experience whilst studying online. Like with any relationship, whether a marriage, at work or in a social capacity, open and clear communication between the two parties are essential to the success of that relationship.

Here are four tips that could possibly help you, as the student, communicate and effectively connect with your eta Online tutor:

  1. Be specific with what assistance you need.This could in a detailed description of the query at hand – page numbers, figures or table numbers. This would be a great guide for the tutor. The more detailed the query, the more efficient and concise the reply would be from the tutor. This prevents unnecessary back and forth communication that could lead to even more uncertainty.
  2. Approach the tutor with respect. Understand that the tutor is an academic professional and needs to be addressed in a respectful manner. Whether you communicate in an email or even on the phone, develop a habit of professionalism; this will benefit you and prepare you for the industry.
  3. Be aware of important announcements made by the tutor under the announcement section. If you experience uncertainty for whatever reason, ask your tutor for clarity rather than that of your fellow peers. This may cause confusion and affect work being submitted. In addition, it prevents the tutor from explaining the same thing repeatedly and thus wasting precious tutor-time.
  4. Keep the conversations and queries strictly professional.It is always good to know about some success stories or understand certain issues that students go through, but too many of these may hinder the tutor from attending to more important and pertinent issues. Keep the details of your personal life to a minimum.



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