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The Highest-Paid Sports Agents In Football

Sports agent and client shaking hands at the table

In the majestic theatre of football, the limelight often gleams on the athletes, leaving the architects of their fortunes unnoticed. Yet, the highest-paid sports agents silently script these dazzling narratives, earning jaw-dropping commissions that would make even Midas blush. Picture Todd France, from Athletes First, who effortlessly pockets a cool $28.1 million in commissions. In […]

Guardiola Vs Ferguson: Who is The Best Football Manager of All Time?

football manager with tactics board huddling with players

A debate that splits opinion right down the middle, a topic engrossed in a rich history and dripping with achievements – who really is the best football manager of all time?  The air thickens with anticipation as two colossal figures in football management, Pep Guardiola and Sir Alex Ferguson, are weighed and measured for this […]

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