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Using EMOM’s to get stronger

Man on battle ropes

Okay, so EMOM’s (Every minute on the minute) aren’t exactly new to the fitness space and if you haven’t heard of this training method, you’ve undoubtedly done them. If you’re unsure, an EMOM involves a movement or multiple movements done within 60 seconds. Once the a new 60 seconds starts, the set begins again. An […]

How to Gain Practical Experience in Sports and Fitness after College

Navigating the sports and fitness world after college can be daunting. It’s vital to gain practical experience to thrive. Fortunately, myriad avenues exist for eager graduates. Internships and entry-level roles offer a solid foundation. Additionally, volunteering provides unparalleled insights. Beyond that, professional organizations present myriad growth opportunities. Continual learning is key; certifications can propel your career forward. […]

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