How to get supporters to stadiums on game day

Blog 3 August How to get supporters to stadiums on game day

The improvement of the home viewing experience has challenged sports teams (franchisees) to think about how they can better draw their audiences to the stadium. Would you rather stay at home on game day and watch the action from the couch? Or would you rather be part of the experience? “Taking steps to incentivise fans […]

Why movement plays a key role from young to old

Blog 2 August Why movement plays a key role from young to old

A lot has been said about the importance of movements in babies. Whether babies are lifting their heads, rolling over, sitting, crawling, standing and/or walking, these types of movements help with their overall development. Play is a very important aspect which has far more reaching impact on a child’s life than can be imagined. Lack […]

The 9 purposes of being a Sports Coach

Blog 1 August The 9 purposes of being a Sports Coach)

We are living in competitive times so you need to be on top of your game in whatever you do. In this post I attempt to share the purposes of being a sports coach and also the important role that any coach plays in society. YOU GET TO FULFIL ATHLETES DREAMS– Almost all children are […]

A Case of Sports for Development

A Case of Sports for Development

In the twenty first century and more specifically over the past decade the reach of sports has transcended the perceptual boundaries where sports was seen as just a game being played for competition or enjoyment. Today a game of soccer, rugby, cricket etc. is no longer just a competition between two teams. Today these games […]

Take charge coaches

Take charge coaches

Where would we all have been without a person that coached us or showed us what was right and what was wrong, or just on how to improve ourselves as people. That’s why a coach is an inspiring factor in life! What does it mean to be a coach that takes charge? In my mind, […]

How to start a career in Sports & Fitness

careers in sports & fitness at eta college

Sport and fitness has in recent years become more than just a lifestyle, it’s a passion that allows anyone to turn it into a career. There are so many exciting ways to become a Sport Coach, Fitness Professional or Sport Manager. I’d like to identify the kind of personality a sport or fitness professional is, […]

How to become a Soccer Coach

How to become a soccer coach photo at eta college

The FIFA Soccer World Cup watched by millions, the hopes of millions rest on the shoulders of the very best practitioners of this beautiful game. Most of us could never hope to reach the levels of skill and performance that these players do, but the path to greatness is also tread by the coach who […]

The truth unpacked

Blog 4_June (The truth unpacked)

Written by: Luzuko Ndiko The sport industry is a market in which people, business, and organisations are involved in producing, facilitating, promoting, or organizing activities, experiences, or business enterprises focused on sports. The highly competitive field of sports management provides many business opportunities or exciting careers for those individuals whose interests lies in this field.Sports management professionals work as team managers, athletic directors, sports agents, […]

Million-dollar couch potatoes

Blog 2_June (Million-dollar couch potatoes)

Written by David Pope Sport and recreation as a concept or industry is something which is far from static and seems to be exponentially growing and changing. Sport and recreation as a business is also a concept at the forefront of change.  Is the idea of a ‘couch potato’ a viable career path? Should we […]

HIIT vs. Endurance Training

Blog 1_June (HIIT vs. EnduranceTraining)

Written by: Nastelle van Biljon Whether your goal is to lose weight or get fit, cardio is an essential component to your workout program. In recent years the focus has shifted from doing the same old moderate intensity exercise for 30-60 minutes daily to performing exercise in a manner that not only saves time but also […]

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