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National Certificate in Fitness (Personal Trainer)

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1. A comprehensive CV showing all positions held and work done in the fitness field. You should have a minimum of 3 years’ experience to be considered for RPL.
2. Copies of certificates from fitness-related courses and qualifications you have completed. Provide proof of REPS (Register of Exercise Professionals) membership (if registered).
3. Please note that once you have decided to register and go ahead with the RPL process all evidence must be provided in document/video format and must be uploaded to the eta Connect Online Study System
4. Affidavits from supervisors or managers that confirm your ability to work in a team or to lead a team in the field of fitness
5. Job descriptions and letters of employment from the fitness industry detailing your role in these positions.
6. Numerous examples of different exercise for different parts of the body, involving more than one joint. A list the muscles, bones and joints involved in each of the different exercises.
7. A biomechanical and anatomical analysis of different exercises, indicating the following name of the exercises, how you modify or progress the exercises.
8. Provide different examples of training sessions for different clients. Each of the following modalities should be covered: • endurance training • strength training • flexibility training • speed and power training
9. A discussion on and explanation of which energy systems are called upon for the different modalities.
10. Evidence of how you adapted the training according to clients’ responses and how this adaptation was built into your training programmes
11. Evidence of screening ability, particularly • Use a risk screening form e.g. a PARQ • Conducting a risk screening process in consultation with the client • Provide referral (say why you referred or did not refer) • Notes on empathetic communication with the client
12. Show evidence of your ability to conduct client assessment and fitness testing, specifically your ability to complete: • body composition assessment • cardio vascular fitness test • strength and or strength endurance tests • flexibility tests
13. Detail and explanation of the testing protocols that you used and how you ensure validity, repeatability and accuracy of the tests.
14. Show your ability to advise and motivate different clients combined with your ability to consult, plan and monitor progress against a plan for lifestyle and fitness improvement.
15. Explain the referral process and submit evidence of feedback to client on why they have been referred.
16. Show the ability to design different programmes for different clients. Submit evidence of the ability to design, develop and monitor programmes for these clients. The evidence must include programmes for the following: • Programme and plans for endurance and CR fitness • Programme and plans for strength and or strength endurance • Programme and plans for flexibility • Programme and plans for weight management
17. Evidence your ability to use the exercise equipment in a facility in a safe and effective manner and in compliance with organisational safety policies. Provide examples of procedures you follow in terms of member orientation and safety of the member and the environment.
18. Provide examples of different class plans and or log books.
19. Video evidence demonstrating a range of exercises modalities with different clients.
20. Video evidence of leading small group through an exercise session, with relevant teaching and instruction techniques, styles and methods.
21. Include dress code requirements and how you ensure professionalism and confidence.
22. Provide a copy of a current CPR certificate.
23. An example of your own-designed Risk Management and Safety Promotion Plan for a sport or fitness facility.
24. Provide evidence of how you ensure recovery from fatigue into your training programmes and how you catered for the management and prevention of common sport injuries
25. Your own Code of professional Conduct that you developed for your professional practice as well as your own unique personal trainer’s philosophy.
26. A list of professionals in your client referral system with their names and contact details and reasons for using them for referral.
27. Provide examples of legal forms such as waivers and indemnities that you developed and use in your professional practice.
28. Provide your own business plan which includes your • marketing plan • sales plan • finance plan • customer care plan • operations plan This business plan must be your own plan for your own potential or real business in fitness.
29. Show records of your management of equipment and machine servicing and environment cleanliness and hygiene. Include records kept of service providers used as well as your service records and machine calibration records
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