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Programme Design for Children

Exercise Programme Design for Children and Youth is an elective specialisation intended to extend the scope of practice of graduates who are qualified with a Diploma in Fitness but who may not have chosen this elective during their course of study.


3 months (Online)
3 months (Campus)


Distance Learning
Campus (Part time)



Start Date

7 Feb 2022, 25 April 2022
18 July 2022, 3 Oct 2022


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Additional Information

This specialisation can also be taken for continued professional development (CPD) for graduates with a Diploma in Fitness. The course is recognised by the Register of Exercise Professionals South Africa (REPSSA). REPSSA is part of ICREPS; an international confederation of registers for exercise professionals which operates world-wide, allowing members to work anywhere in the world.

Because children and adolescents go through different phases of growth at different times, it is important to understand why this would have an effect on exercise programming. Hence, it is important for fitness practitioners to understand the benefits and risks of exercise in order to design and deliver appropriate exercise programme for children of different ages. On successful completion of this course, graduates will be able to implement and monitor exercise programmes for older adults. This is a 20-credit programme at NQF level 5.

On completion of this course, you will be able to:
1. Explain the benefits and risks associated with physical activity for children and youth.
2. Design the appropriate exercise programme based on information obtained during the screening.
3. Plan and modify exercise programmes, according to the health and fitness status.
4. Demonstrate and lead exercise programmes, utilising correct execution techniques.
5. Display the level of supervision and appropriate monitoring recommended for this special group.
6. Ensure safe utilisation of fitness accessories.

Course manual, a study guide and portfolio of evidence (PoE) file and Log Book.

Students wishing to attend this elective specialisation must have successfully completed their Diploma in Fitness (NQF level 5, 240 credits minimum). They should also have an understanding of the anatomical, physiological and nutritional implications for exercise for children and youth as well as screening and assessment so that they can apply this in the design of programmes for this population group.

Children Programme design specialist

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