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Our National Head Office Staff

Our Team

eta is built on awesome people and our culture is simple:

– We are serious about education
– Friendly and engaging
– Passionate about what we do
– Our venues are immersive, vibrant and engaging
– We want our students to gain a valuable qualification with interchangeable knowledge

Steve Harris

Chief Executive Officer

Linda Halliday

Academic Director

Andrew Gray

General Manager

Anelma Janse van Rensburg

Teaching and Learning Manager

Caitlin Carpenter

Marketing and Promotions Manager

Glennis Harris

Projects and Publications Manager

Grant Stevenson

ICT Manager

Janice Paddey

Quality Assurance Manager

Kirk Kraukamp

Accounts Clerk

Kirstyn Mitton

E-Learning Designer

Reshana Asharam-Kalychurn

Marketing & Sales Coordinator

Rose Fredericks

Records Manager

Rowena Isaacs

National Finance Manager

Sharon Barbier


Brad Searle

NPR Manager

Locally and Internainally

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