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National Diploma in Fitness | Sport Conditioning

This two-year practical will give you the knowledge and skills to enter the workplace in the sport industry as a specialist sport conditioning trainer. You will be equipped to design, implement and manage a physical activity programme for groups and athletes – with an understanding of conditioning needs of athletes such as medical screening, sport testing and periodisation.


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Early bird (year 1 only) R49 500.00 Reg fee R1,500.00 Balance due end of Dec 2021
Pay R1 500.00 Registration Fee
Upfront (year 1 only) R51 500.00 Reg fee R1,500.00 Balance due end of Jan 2022
Pay R1 500.00 Registration Fee
Term payments (year 1 only) R55 500.00 Payment 1 = R12 375.00 Payment 2, 3, 4 = R13 875.00
Pay R12 375.00 Registration Fee

Programme Timeline

Additional Information

This is a national qualification registered with the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF).

The Fitness Diploma (Sport Conditioning) learning programme provides a good balance of theory and practice to enable graduates to work as personal trainers and sport conditioning trainers or coaches, working with apparently healthy clients or athletes who want to improve their sport performance. Graduates are able to work in the sport and fitness industry nationally and internationally. The programme ensures that students have sufficient field-based experiential learning to achieve their qualification. Through the eta process of personalised teaching and exposure to plenty of physical activity and sport, students are able to successfully achieve their assessment criteria.

Course Outcomes:
• Design, implement and manage a physical activity programme for apparently healthy individuals or groups and apparently healthy athletes.
• Demonstrate knowledge of the environment and the context in which physical activity takes place.
• Conduct and interpret pre-participation screening for physical readiness.
• Assess, evaluate and monitor health related fitness components.
• Feedback and referrals as it relates to physical activity.
• Design and demonstrate exercise programmes.
• Motivate and support participants in making activity related and wellness decisions.
• Demonstrate entrepreneurial, administration and business skills as well as the ability to incorporate IT technology.
• Demonstrate the ability to discern the quality and validity of research information.
• Manage, project and conduct oneself in a professional manner.

Course modules (1st year):
Module 1: Principles Of Research (PRRE)
Module 2: Values, Ethics And Professional Conduct (VACO)
Module 3: Kinesiology (KINE)
Module 4: Exercise Science (EXSC)
Module 5: Growth And Development (GROW)
Module 6: Assessment And Testing (ASTE)
Module 7: Exercise Programme Design And Implementation (EXIM)
Module 8: Instructing Exercise (INEX)
Module 9: Nutrition And Wellness (NUWE)
Module 10: Special Needs In Fitness (SNFI)
Module 11: Health And Safety In Fitness (HSFI)
Module 12: Business Management In Fitness (BMFI)


Course modules (2nd year):
Module 1: Personal Growth (PEGR)
Module 2: Lifestyle Coaching (LICO)
Module 3: Anatomy and biomechanics for Special Populations (ANBI)
Module 4: Exercise Science for Special Populations (EXPH)
Module 5: Assessment for Special Populations (ASSP)
Module 6: Nutrition for Special Populations (NUSP)
Module 7: Sports Conditioning and periodised training (SCPT)
Module 8: Exercise Programme Design For Children/ Youth (EXDC)
Module 9: Chronic Diseases Of Lifestyle And Common Injuries (CHIN)
Module 10: Public Speaking (PUSP)

You will need to have a grade 12 school leaving certificate or an equivalent NQF Level 4 qualification.

East London Nelspruit

Sport- Specific Conditioning Coach
Team or individual Conditioning Coach

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