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National Certificate in Fitness

This one year programme combines theoretical knowledge and practical application to pursue a career in the exercise, fitness and the wellness industry. More than ever, people are prioritizing lifestyle, health, self-care and well-being. This learning journey will enable you to apply principles of exercises science, including screening procedures and fitness testing, to design appropriate and individualised training programmes for health, fitness and wellness. You will be exposed to various training methods of exercise to promote health and to improve fitness. To ensure healthy lives and well-being, we all have to take action. You will expand your knowledge on health promotion and how to communicate professionally. Furthermore, you will become a role-model and leader for many, because of your ability to implement activities and training online and physically. We will equip you with the skills to start you own successful business. So take action and join this learning journey, it is your first step to lifelong learning!

Start your career as a personal trainer or fitness instructor with this hands-on, practical one-year course. It will give you the knowledge and skills to design, demonstrate and lead exercise programmes for individuals or groups.

You will learn to instruct and lead early in the course and practice until you are comfortable with pre-participation medical screening, fitness assessment, design programmes, instructing exercise and much more. You’ll gain knowledge on training principles, methods and programme design with the skill to conduct these in a client sensitive manner.

We recommend that you add additional qualifications like the Advanced Certificate in Fitness in Sport Conditioning so that you can enhance your employment prospects nationally and internationally or run your own private practice. If you add additional specialisations to your course, you can offer your clients’ more options and enhance your employment prospects.


1 Year


Online Learning


137 credits

Orientation Start Date

19 July 2024

Applications Close

30 June 2024


Choose the plan that's right for you

Early Bird (year 1 only)
R 29 500.00
Reg fee R1,500.00 Balance due end of Dec 2023

Pay R1 500.00 Registration Fee

Term payments (year 1 only)
R34 500.00
Payment to be made each term 1, 2,3,4 = R 8 250.00

Pay R1 500.00 Registration Fee


Programme Timeline

Additional Information

This NQF level 5 Learning programme is accredited by CATHSSETA. The qualification it achieves is registered on the Higher Education Qualifications Sub Framework

The National Certificate qualifies you to work in the fitness industry as personal trainers. All eta fitness qualifications are recognised by the Register of Exercise Professionals South Africa (REPSSA) which links its members to the international registers of REPS, enabling you as an eta graduate to work where the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPS) operates, including Europe, UK, Australia, New Zealand, USA and South Africa.

During this learning programme, you will be exposed to the theories of exercise science, the applied knowledge of exercise programming with its range of methods and techniques, and the skills of leading and instructing individuals or groups through a range of exercise training sessions. To gain confidence while you are learning, you will complete a range of practical hours through work-based learning experience. Once you have graduated you can work as personal trainer in an established fitness facility; alternatively, you can run your own practice, taking on a range of private clients.

Exercise Science
Nutrition Principles
Screening & Assessment
Exercise Programme Design
Special Needs in Fitness
Health & safety in Sport & Exercise
Instructing Exercise to Individuals & Groups
Professional Communication
Health Promotion
Entrepreneurship & Fitness Business Management

You need to have access to a BP cuff & stethoscope, skinfold callipers & a tape measure. We advised that you purchase one and can offer advice on providers.

The minimum recommended requirement for admission is the National Senior Certificate (NSC), elementary achievement (30-39 %). Recommended: Minimum of 40% in English.

Personal Trainer
Corporate Wellness consultant
Group Exercise Instructor

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