eta Johannesburg – Sport Management Lecturer

eta Johannesburg – Sport Management Lecturer

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  1. Main Purpose
  2. Academic outcomes
  3. Assessment outcomes
  4. Operations and administration outcomes
  1. Marketing outcomes
  2. Service and customer care outcomes


Campus Academic Instructors (AI) are based at a campus in a region.  Academic Instructors are accountable for the academic instruction and implementation of the courses they teach, whether remote or on campus learning through the LMS, or face to face learning on campus.  Based on their Subject Matter Expertise (SME), courses are implemented on any learning programme offered by the campus and region, at their site of delivery.  An Academic Instructor should have experience in all aspects of teaching practices including practical teaching and assessment, have strong student engagement and support, effective and efficient online learning management and good class management skills.


An important goal for eta is to achieve an >80% pass rate for students, each year. To support this, Academic Instructors provide stimulating and vibrant learning environments for students, providing holistic learning experiences that ensure students achieve their qualifications. Academic Instructors must:

1.1 Provide a stimulating and vibrant learning environment for students online and at campus.

1.2 Facilitate the students learning experience by providing regular feedback on learning and assessments

1.3 Facilitate the students learning experience by providing support as and when required.

1.4 Comply with the eta academic and assessment policies to ensure that academic outputs achieve the eta business and academic strategies.

1.5 Support the aims of the eta marketing and sales strategy with activities that promote eta and its educational programmes.

1.6 Ensure delivery of and support of students on the Academic Literacies and Technologies (ALT) course, and students’ induction to ensure students’ orientation to eta.

1.7 Attend functions such as graduations, special events, open days.

1.8 Support in the planning and delivery of specialisations in the academic timetable.

1.9 Support peers with teaching and assessment as and when needed.

1.10 Participate in all NPR testing conducted at eta sites.

1.11 Facilitate the Student Representative Committee (SRC), ensuring active involvement of the SRC with their responsibilities.

1.12 Commit to a lifelong learning approach for self-improvement achieving 12 CPD credits per year.


The job requires the provision of quality teaching on courses contained in eta’s learning programmes.  This includes teaching on campus and managing learning on the eta LMS. General outcomes require that Academic Instructors:

2.1 Teach agreed courses according to the programme timetables.

2.2 Create regular online and or face to face opportunities for students to interact with each other, with course material and with you as the instructor.

2.3 Respond to student queries in a timely manner and according to the eta service policy for response times.

2.4 Show instructor social presence in courses via audio or video.

2.5 Establish a regular schedule for communicating with students.

2.6 Communicate to students in advance when grading and the return of assessments will take place.

2.7 Carefully consider a pattern of deadlines for activities in a course.

2.8 Follow the established course start and end dates.

2.9 Check whether all students are enrolled in your course on etaConnect.

2.10 Provides students in advance about expectations of the course and you as Instructor

2.11 Provide students online learning plan or lesson plan to guide where they are in their learning.

2.12 Contribute to current online learning activities to address the need of the teaching cohort.

2.13 Facilitate students’ learning on site, using a range of learning activities that apply the theories and principles that students are learning and practice work-based activities that support learning.

2.14 Facilitate learning online, on the eta LMS, when students are using computers on site, or when students are learning remotely.

2.15 Facilitate synchronous and asynchronous learning using a range of options such as seminars, discussions, and group work.

2.16 Support Learning Programme Managers in the implementation of academic policies.

2.17 Provide academic feedback of courses and assessment as part of eta’s course review process.


Because the quality of students’ assessment is pivotal to their success, Academic Instructors apply assessment strategies, implementing assessment plans and ensuring quality feedback to students.  Assessment outcomes require that Academic Instructors:

3.1 Manage and provide quality assessment according to the national plan and the assessment policies.

3.2 Mark, grade and release results of student assessments according to the assessment policies and procedure and the eta service policy response times.

3.1 Provide feedback, results, and reports for students on each course according to timelines in the assessment policy.

3.2 Support students to achieve pass rates, remediating students’ work according to policy.

3.3 Record assessment results according to policy and procedure.

3.4 Produce assessment reports according to policy.

3.5 Ensure that assessment practice is in line with the requirements of the moderation policy.

3.6 Manage students’ assessment queries and provide relevant and useful feedback on their assessment.

3.7 Support the Regional Academic Manager with moderation of assessment.


Quality teaching and assessment should be supported by good administration that ensures effective and efficient use of the learning management system and all teaching resources at campus.  Operations and administration outcomes require that Academic Instructors:

4.1 Maintain a working knowledge of eta quality management systems, policies, procedures, and reporting requirements.

4.2 Maintain a working knowledge of eta quality assurance standards including quality leaching and assessment practices and adhering to these.

4.3 Attend regular meetings to address academic problems and providing feedback to management.

4.4 Provide feedback on curriculum, academic content, assessment design, and assessment tools, using the required feedback tool.

4.5 Report to Regional Academic Manager or Learning Programme Manager on academic issues as per reporting policies.

4.6 Support the completion of student surveys as per policy, providing feedback to management, students, and staff.

4.7 Provide feedback to campus operations manager to ensure learning resources are renewed or replaced according to each programme plan.


A high-quality learning experience is essential to the success of students, because it ensures that eta is promoted by our students. Therefore, academic instructors contribute to the eta marketing strategy and its customer care ethos, by ensuring that students experience care and support with their learning at eta and wish to continue their studies with eta.  At least 80% of students should continue their studies and it is essential that faculty understand their role in promoting the continuing studies of students.   To this end, academic instructors support the national marketing and sales strategy, providing support when needed.  This can take the form of promotional activities, career guidance, fitness testing, special events and student interviews.


Uphold the eta service vision and customer care policy by:

6.1 Adhering to the eta dress code.

6.2 Responding to all internal and external queries with 24-hours.

6.3 Supporting students to achieve their academic success.

6.4 Supporting staff to ensure their professional development.

6.5 Maintaining a working knowledge of all eta academic content.

6.6 Staying current with teaching skills and teaching technologies.

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