Healthy Eating Tips for Busy College Students

Healthy Eating Tips For Busy College Students

Alt-tag: A girl eating according to healthy eating tips for busy college students College represents a part of life that is all about learning how to balance – your grades, friends, hobbies, and, most importantly, health. And since juggling these aspects independently for the first time isn’t always a walk in the park, some things […]

Online Sports Courses Available For A Career In Sport And Fitness

Eta College Sports College

eta College is a private higher education and training college specialising in qualifications that lead to employment in the sport and fitness industries. We take pride in being a leader in educational programmes for the sport and fitness industry. As a single-purpose sport and fitness college, we dedicate ourselves to providing dynamic learning programmes that […]

Five Tips For Frazzled Students To Remain Fit And Healthy

Eta College Sports College

We all know that studying takes a lot out of us. Working, then coming home to study and try and fit in some exercise is easier said than done. Most of us still want to retain some semblance of a social life or spend time with our family. Here’s a new insight. You don’t need […]

YFC Kidstop Charity Project by eta College: 27 July 2021—THE PAINTING

Yfc Kidstop Charity Project By Eta College

Dearest Mrs Monique Hanekom and the A-team students,  How can YFC thank you for your kindness and the absolute wonderful difference you made to our environment! As you could see the building was in a very poor state. Your team did a wonderful job!!  I do hope that they did have fun, as I know it […]

The more exercise the better, heart health study finds


In a recent article published by Reuters in the Daily Maverick “When it comes to matters of heart health, no amount of exercise is too much, scientists said on Tuesday in research that debunks the myth that high levels of vigorous physical activity might not always be beneficial.” Listen to the post cast and read […]

RPL Part1 SMC (2) test

RPL Part1 SMC (2) Full Name* Email* Please note that once you have decided to register and go ahead with the RPL process all evidence must be provided in document/video format and must be uploaded to the eta Connect Online Study System* YES NO EVIDENCE OF YOUR HISTORY IN THE SPORT MANAGEMENT FIELD 1. A […]

Distance Learning July Intake

Online Personal Trainer July 15

The following documents are required to be emailed to me should you wish to apply for any eta Distance Learning offerings available above. (All Documents must be certified at a Police Station, Post Office or Commissioner of Oaths and must not be older than 3 months old). To apply I need you to please email […]

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How to start a career in Sports & Fitness

Careers In Sports &Amp; Fitness At Eta College

Sport and fitness has in recent years become more than just a lifestyle, it’s a passion that allows anyone to turn it into a career. There are so many exciting ways to become a Sport Coach, Fitness Professional or Sport Manager. I’d like to identify the kind of personality a sport or fitness professional is, […]

How to become a Soccer Coach

How To Become A Soccer Coach Photo At Eta College

The FIFA Soccer World Cup watched by millions, the hopes of millions rest on the shoulders of the very best practitioners of this beautiful game. Most of us could never hope to reach the levels of skill and performance that these players do, but the path to greatness is also tread by the coach who […]