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Enter Ice Sports – More Accessible, And Beneficial, Than Ever

ice skating 1

Ice skating is not the first sport that comes to mind when thinking about South African sporting achievement. Yet, as News24 highlights, Cape Town native Tanika van As has taken the world by storm in just that discipline. Ice skating is typically held as a sport played in colder countries; it makes sense, given that you would […]

Why Science Plays Such a Major Role in Sporting Activities

What Is Sports Science

According to an article in the Journal of International Medical Research, as the sports industry has grown, so has the attention paid by professional leagues to sports science. Sports scientists aim to make significant contributions to the body of knowledge that influences professional athletes’ practice and performance. But sports science is not just for the scientists […]

I Love Sport. What Programme Should I Study After School?

Diploma in Sport and Exercise - eta college

Many matrics are faced with the difficult choice of deciding what career they will enter for the rest of their lives. This choice may be further complicated by matriculants being passionate about sport but no knowing what to study after matric. eta offers on-campus and online sports study programmes that encompass a range of qualifications […]

10 Exercises to Strengthen the Lower Back

back strengthening

Lower back pain can disturb your daily activities. And this is something that you can’t allow to happen, especially when you are in college and need to stay active. However, there are some simple exercises to strengthen the lower back that you can do for just a few minutes a day. You can do these […]

The Importance of Hydration During Exercise

The Importance of Hydration During Exercise

We all know how important exercise is. Staying fit and physically active will benefit our health and reduce the risk of many diseases. It will also boost our mood and improve our mental wellbeing in general. However, one thing people often neglect during a workout is proper hydration. This can happen for various reasons. Some […]

Enter the World of Personal Training in 2022

personal training course

If you are passionate about making a career out of exercise and have successfully completed Grade 12, becoming a Personal Trainer will allow you to work in a range of facilities, gyms, or leisure centres, offering one-on-one training to your clients or exercise sessions to small groups. How to Become a Personal Trainer? The first […]

Naomi Osaka, the highest paid female athlete in history

Naomi Osaka, the highest paid female athlete in history

Amid the resurgence of major sporting events following the COVID crisis, a fascinating dilemma raises its head as Naomi Osaka, the highest paid female athlete in history, refuses to attend press conferences in order to protect her mental health! This could be an ethical minefield and it would appear that while there is limited sympathy […]

Calista Serfontein Testimony

3 Comparison Photo

Calista Serfontein completed her Higher Certificate in Fitness in 2020, and is currently completing her 2nd Year in Advanced Certificate in Sports Conditioning at the George eta College. The 3 Comparison photo’s: From a young age, Calista struggled with her weight and self-image, as she had a compulsive eating disorder, that lead to her weight […]

5 Exercises You Can Do in Your Dorm Room

A student thinking about exercises she can do in her dorm room

Staying fit and healthy as a student isn’t an easy task. It’s probably your first time living on your own, possibly even in a new city. While this period is exciting, there are lots of new responsibilities and things to consider. Catching up with your classes and assignments, meeting new people, and finding your way […]

Face to Face Learning Remains Important in a World of Sport and Fitness Training.

eta college eta varsity online sports courses

Eta Varsity is an accredited and registered higher education institution that specialises in sport and fitness qualifications. Our institution is recognised worldwide for its theoretical, practical, and work-based approach to learning, which we call Total immersion. We offer both online and on-campus learning. Our on-campus learning is delivered by attending face-to-face lectures at eta’s campus’ […]

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