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National certificate fitness 2017-11-08T12:17:18+00:00


R25 000
  • Deposit R5 000
  • Payment due by the end of March 2018


Start your career as a personal trainer or fitness instructor with this hands-on, practical one-year course. It will give you the knowledge and skills to design, demonstrate and lead exercise programmes for individuals or groups.

You will learn to instruct and lead early in the course and practice until you are comfortable with pre-participation medical screening, fitness assessment, design programmes, instructing exercise and much more. You’ll gain knowledge on training principles, methods and programme design with the skill to conduct these in a client sensitive manner.

We recommend that you add additional qualifications like the National Diploma: Fitness so that you can enhance your employment prospects nationally and internationally or run your own private practice. If you add additional specialisations to your course, you can offer your clients’ more options and enhance your employment prospects.


This is a national qualification registered with the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF).

This learning programme provides an exciting balance of theory and practical learning which enables graduates to work as fitness practitioners and personal trainers in health and fitness workplaces nationally and internationally. The programme ensures that students have sufficient field-based experiential learning to achieve their qualification. Graduates are able to work in fitness facilities, in private or corporate gyms or run their own private practice as a personal trainer. Through the eta process of personalised teaching and exposure to plenty of physical activity and sport, students are able to successfully achieve their assessment criteria.

Course Outcomes:
• Demonstrate knowledge of the environment in which physical activity takes place.
• Conduct and interpret pre-participation screening for physical readiness.
• Refer to appropriate health care professionals.
• Assess, evaluate and monitor health related fitness components.
• Design, demonstrate and lead exercise programmes.
• Implement, monitor and modify exercise programmes.
• Motivate and support fitness participants in making activity related and
wellness decisions.
• Demonstrate entrepreneurial, administration and business skills.
• Project and conduct oneself in a professional manner.

Module 1: Principles Of Research (PRRE)
Module 2: Values, Ethics And Professional Conduct (VACO)
Module 3: Kinesiology (KINE)
Module 4: Exercise Science (EXSC)
Module 5: Growth And Development (GROW)
Module 6: Assessment And Testing (ASTE)
Module 7: Exercise Programme Design And Implementation (EXIM)
Module 8: Instructing Exercise (INEX)
Module 9: Nutrition And Wellness (NUWE)
Module 10: Special Needs In Fitness (SNFI)
Module 11: Health And Safety In Fitness (HSFI)
Module 12: Business Management In Fitness (BMFI)

You will need to have a grade 12 school leaving certificate or an equivalent NQF Level 4 qualification.

Personal Trainer
Corporate Wellness consultant